China Glaze Nail Polish in Lovely Green Color

My first time to try China Glaze nail polish and a green color for my nails…
(photo from China Glaze FB page)
Oh, I haven’t done my manicure in a looong time. My pedicure is always done, though. I’m someone who cannot survive a work week without my toenails painted! Yes, yes, say I’m vain but I love my open-toe shoes and I find it necessary to have colored toenails. I normally just do it myself except a few weeks ago when I had it done at Nails Garden in e@Curve in preparation for a wedding. They have good service there, I must say. My pedicure lasted for 2 weeks and the foot massage was great.
Anyway, back to my topic. I haven’t tried China Glaze nail polishes before. I’ve had Butter London, Ciate, Elianto, Sally Hansen and probably a few more. But during my visit to Philippines 2 weeks ago, I saw China Glaze and noticed that it’s cheaper so yeah I was enticed to buy. And the sales lady was very friendly, too. Since she’s very nice, I bought 2 colors, hehe.

First color I picked was the metallic blue, code So Blue Without You (1258), then the green one, Agro (1127). Hmmm, I’ve never tried a green nail polish color before and this one looked attractive to me. It wasn’t the typical ‘leafy’ green shade. And since I am managing a brand with green color, I thought it was about time to have 1 green nail polish, ta-da!

I excitedly tested my new China Glaze nail polish last weekend and I’m so in love with it! I never thought I could get away with green on my nails! I used to dislike green but this China Glaze shade is just lovely. I love how different lighting changes the shade and sheen of the polish.

China Glaze
Nail Lacquer with Hardeners
Price: P350 or around RM30
(In Malaysia, I believe it’s around RM42)
Content: 14ml
Free from formaldehyde, toluene and DBP
Made in USA
Life after opening: 36 months
I used it with my other nail care products:
  • Step 1 – Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Hardener as base coat
  • Step 2 – China Glaze Green Nail Polish
  • Step 3 – Sally Hansen Diamond Shine as top coat

Oh and I use my hair dryer to assist in faster drying in between each step. 

My green nail polish is now on it’s fourth day and I’d say I’m very pleased with its long-lasting wear. I’m someone who regularly washes oily dishes, I handwash my undergarments with my bare hands and I wash my hands very often within the day. And so far, the nail polish still stays nicely with very minimal fading on the edges! This is amazing. Normally, my nail polish will chip off because of my daily washing habits but China Glaze survived nicely!


And because it’s only minimal fading on the tips of my nails, it’s very easy to retouch. Love my China Glaze purchase and I think it’s worth the price. 

Next up will be the China Glaze blue nail polish soon!

Stay connected to China Glaze Malaysia at
Or check out China Glaze International at
About China Glaze Nail Polish
Long-wearing, beautifully-shiny, fashion-forward, carcinogenic-free, celeb-fave, manicurist’s best friend, loving and living in color.
China Glaze believes in the power and beauty within every woman. We believe in putting your best-pedicured foot forward. And we say, don’t hide those hands because you’re worried they show your age, but talk with them because the color at your finger tips speaks volumes!
China Glaze offers a broad selection of long-wearing nail lacquers with hardeners and essential treatments at a great value. The brand is dedicated to providing nail technicians with globally appealing, on-trend, high quality nail lacquers and treatments. We offer innovative and fresh ideas to the polish industry!
Visit www.chinaglaze.comfor more information

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