Kate by Kanebo Colorcious Diamond Eyeshadow for Lustrous Eyes

Looking for shiny eyeshadow colors to create luminous eye effects?

The first Kate item that I bought a few years back was black liquid eyeliner. I loved the texture, the applicator and the resistance to my oily eyelids. Of course, my love for cosmetics drives me to regularly explore other brands when the need arises and I can say that Kate is one of the good ones I’ve had. Since Kate is created and made by Kanebo Cosmetics, Kate is an affordable brand that I also trust.
A few months ago, I was looking for an eyeshadow palette with diamond luster for those days when I want to have luminous eye effect. Strolling around Mid Valley’s Lower Ground floor one day, I found myself exploring Kate Cosmeticsroadshow where I saw the Colorcious Diamond eyeshadow. I decided to try it and also bought the black liquid eyeliner that I liked.

This eyeshadow comes in a plastic compact with clear windows showing the colors inside. The casing is mainly black, signature of Kate cosmetics. It has one eyeshadow applicator as with standard brands.

Color Combination Code: SV-1
Made in Japan
Available at Watsons and other specialty stores

Each palette contains 5 shades:
  • Highlight color
  • Shiny color
  • Shiny medium color
  • Medium color
  • Dark color

The colors are easy to apply, with good texture that is easy to blend. The first 4 colors create the most lustrous effect while the fifth dark color, serves as the smokey eye effect color.

I don’t normally use the standard applicator that comes with the eyeshadow palette. I prefer to use eyeshadow brush. But I’m sure gals can use this effectively with the applicator; some of you may even choose to use fingertips! Well, I’m not good at that, though…I’d stick to my brushes.
So this is how my (left) eye looks with Kate Colorcious Diamond Eyeshadow. I also use the 3rd color – shiny medium color, which is a bit bluish, under my eyes to add highlight and shine.

If you prefer to have very dark effect as I do, the dark color might not be enough with dry application. You can opt to add a drop of an eyeshadow intensifier (like DuWop Color Payoff) or use pencil eyeliner to darken the corners (here I used Maybelline eye studio black eyeliner). 
This Kate eyeshadow is a good palette to have if you like creating lustrous eye effect. The shimmer from the colors can easily make the eyes look brighter and radiant, especially when you have dark, puffy, stressed eyes.
Good to have those bright, luminous eyes!

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