Covo Cosmetics – 3 Makeup Brush Set

Looking for makeup brushes that are affordable yet perform well?

Five years back, I was used to applying my makeup with fingers for foundation, and the basic eyeshadow brushes for eye makeup. Guess I was lazy to explore using makeup brushes before but my desire to create more dramatic looks finally won me over…and spawned an addiction to collect good brushes.
I admit that I am a fan of famous professional makeup brands like MAC and Nars. They have a great selection of brushes and the quality is just superb. These brands have the brush for every makeup application requirement to achieve the look you want.
But it wouldn’t hurt to test other brands that are on the lower price range. I did try Ecotools and I must say not bad. And this time around, I’ve tested brushes from Covo Cosmetics, which were a gift from a good colleague for my birthday a few months ago.
 Covo Cosmetics – Essential 3 Brush Set
The Covo Cosmetics Essential 3 Brush Set houses 3 top essential brushes. This chic collection of dipped tips brushes are made from super-soft nylon bristles. The set contains a powder brush, liquid foundation brush and eye shader brush.
This 3-brush set comes with a brush pouch, making it easy to bring to travel or carry with you in the bag. Each brush is packed in plastic when newly purchased. The black pouch has a compartment for each brush, keeping them neatly tucked in its place while travelling.
Covo Cosmetics Eye Shader Brush on my Eye Paint Pot
The first brush I tested was the eye shader. I tested it on my favorite Nars eye paint and it worked very well. The bristles were suitable for the cream texture of my eye paint and application was easy. This brush may not be ideal for powder eyeshadows because the bristles are “semi-stiff” but it’s perfect for cream ones.
Covo Cosmetics Liquid Foundation Brush

Next I tested was the liquid foundation brush. I tried it on my Guerlain Lingerie de Peau cream foundation and Lancome Teint Miracle liquid foundation. What we, ladies, want from foundation application is that even, flawless look and I gotta say that this Covo brush did the job well. The next question I had was, would it last after regular washing? After using it for 2 months with regular washing, it’s still intact and not a bristle fell. Not bad.

Covo Cosmetics Powder Foundation Brush
Last one was the powder brush foundation. This one is very soft and feels nice on the skin. I normally apply liquid or cream foundation then finish it with powder foundation. This Covo brush picks up the powder well and application is smooth and flawless.
These 3 brushes are a good option if you’re looking for lower price range of makeup brushes. They do the job well and are great makeup accessories. Personally, though, I think the brush handles can be improved for grip comfort and feel. Professional brands have that certain comfort and ease when holding their brushes, which allows me to apply makeup easier and with more confidence.

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About Covo
COVO seeks to harness the continuing growth of the COsmetic eVOlution (hence the name COVO) to bring the best in makeup artistry to even the most discerning user without anyone missing out on the total “luxe” shopping experience. COVO puts the focus on the consumer experience whilst the latest technologies are utilized to capture every woman’s beauty needs and nuances. The products are designed to be smartly intuitive and multifunctional to delight the expectations of a COVO woman. The red carpet treatment isn’t sacrificed from the luxury perspective hence COVO’s – Luxe for Less should appeal to one and all!

Guardian Launches Jeju Face Mask Range with Powerful Ingredients From Korea

Wish you had the flawlessly radiant, dewy skin of your favorite K-Pop singers and Korean drama actresses? 

Nutrients-infused sheet masks are an essential part of many Koreans’ skin care regime, providing a pick-me-up for common skin problems such as dry skin, uneven skin tone and breakouts.
Guardian, the largest pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in Malaysia has introduced the Jeju Face Mask Range, which harnesses the benefits of plant-based ingredientsfrom the unpolluted and pristine Korean island of Jeju, that can help you achieve the glowingly healthy skin of your dreams.

Jeju Island is untouched and has been declared a UNESCO heritage site for its natural beauty. The fertile volcanic soil here is rich in beneficial minerals, while underground water sources filtered through volcanic rock provide pure water. These factors and the gentle climate help the flora thrive and concentrate active ingredients that are more potent and purer, making them ideal ingredients for delicate facial care product.
The Jeju Face Mask range comes in four variants for different skin needs. Jeju Lily is for brightening, Jeju Tangerine is nourishing, Jeju Tsubaki is ultra-soothing while Jeju Seaweed is moisturising.
Each single application of sheet mask is gently scented for some relaxing  ‘me’ time and a soothing skin care experience.

How to use the Jeju Face Mask: 
  • Apply the Jeju Face Mask of your choice on cleansed face. 
  • Massage gently with fingertips to aid absorption of essence. 
  • Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, and perhaps catch up on some of your favorite Korean drama series.  
  • For best results the Jeju Face Mask range can be used up to three times a week.  

According to Ms. Segolene Defline, Corporate Brand Director from The Dairy Farm Company, Limited, the Jeju Face Mask Range harnesses the efficacy of selected ingredients that are traditionally known and scientifically proven to be beneficial to skin.
“Korean skincare is garnering huge attention and positive feedback from users around the world, especially among Asian consumers. Guardian understands that our customers want the effectiveness of Korean skincare at an affordable price. After much research and development, Guardian selected ingredients from Jeju Island that have been traditionally used and trusted in Korea for centuries,” said Ms Defline.

 Jeju Seaweed for Moisturising
Seaweed is rich in marine minerals and helps in keeping skin moisturised and hydrated. Jeju Seaweed Face Mask replenishes daily nutrients in the skin, promotes skin hydration and locks in natural moisture, leaving skin soft and supple.
If you spend a lot of your time in drying air-conditioned environments, this mask is for you.
Jeju Tsubaki to Soothe and Revitalise
Tsubaki or Camellia flower extract has soothing property. It contains Vitamins A, B and E and protects skin from harmful UV rays and environmental damage. Jeju Tsubaki Face Mask aids in strengthening the skin barrier, leaving it soothed and revitalised.
Jeju Tangerine for Nourishing
Tangerines or commonly known as Hallabong by the Korean, are rich in the skin vitamin, Vitamin C. For healthy and vibrant looking skin, try Guardian’s Jeju Tangerine Face Mask, which nourishes skin with antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals, for skin that is healthy from the inside out.
Jeju Lily for Brightening  
Lily flower extract is used for its natural skin brightening effect as it evens out skin tone and increases skin flexibility. Reach for Jeju Lily Face Mask to brighten tired and dulllooking skin, leaving it radiant with a natural glow.
Price and Where to Buy
The Jeju Face Mask Range is available nationwide at all Guardian outlets and e-store at at RM5.90 per single mask application. 

About Guardian Malaysia
From a 200-sqft pharmaceutical retail outlet catering to the expatriate community to emerging as the leading Pharmacy, Health and Beauty retail chain in Malaysia, Guardian now operates a chain of 422 stores, providing unrivalled variety of Pharmaceutical, Health and Beauty products to more than 2.5 million Malaysian customers a month, across the country.
Guardian’s commitment to its customers’ needs is also reflected in a dedicated team of pharmacists, who impart professional advice and consultation to customers. Committed to strong corporate governance, which upholds responsible and ethical dispensing at all times.
Guardian is also an advocate of corporate philanthropy and believes in giving back to the community. Guardian celebrates four decades of success by making a pledge to contribute to worthy causes by getting involved in the efforts that help to provide and promote the care, development and well-being of the local communities and supporting programs that are dedicated towards those in need namely, women and children.
About Dairy Farm
Dairy Farm is a leading pan-Asian retailer.  At 30th June 2014, the Group and its associates and joint ventures operated over 5,800 outlets and employed over 100,000 people.  It had total annual sales in 2013 exceeding US$12 billion.
The Group operates under a number of well-known brands across four divisions.  The principal brands are:
·   Supermarkets – Wellcome in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines, Cold Storage in Singapore and Malaysia, Giant in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei, Hero in Indonesia;
·     Hypermarkets – Giant in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and Vietnam;
·     Convenience stores – 7-Eleven in Hong Kong, Singapore, Southern China and Macau;
Health and Beauty
·     Mannings in Greater China and Guardian in the rest of Asia;
Home Furnishings
·     IKEA in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia; and
·     Maxim’s in Hong Kong, mainland China and Vietnam.
Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited is incorporated in Bermuda and has a standard listing on the London Stock Exchange as its primary listing, with secondary listings in Bermuda and Singapore.  The Group’s businesses are managed from Hong Kong by Dairy Farm Management Services Limited through its regional offices.  Dairy Farm is a member of the Jardine Matheson Group. Empowers Women with Flexible Work Practices

Balancing time for family and career is never easy…but what if you can get the best of both worlds?

family motherhood

I’ve always believed that women have the toughest jobs in the society. We work hard to build our careers, climb the corporate ladder, be the best of who we are and then we reach a point in our lives when we have to raise or take care of our family, being forced to make difficult choices between career accomplishment and nurturing the family. This applies not only to mothers but to women who will eventually have to choose between succeeding and allotting their time to take care of their aged parents. Women are always expected to be THE caretakers of the family and THE ones who have to sacrifice their jobs. And while men are accepted to have their ‘me’ time or time with their friends, women, more often than not, have to sacrifice all these in favor of time for the family. We sacrifice our time, our careers, our potentials to reach the peak of our success…and don’t even get me started with expectations to stay fit and beautiful after birth or as we age!


I’ve been in the corporate work force for more than 10 years now and I’ve seen many women who had to make the painful choice of giving up their jobs for the sake of having more time for the family. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to choose family over career BUT it’s sad to see intelligent, results-driven individuals leave the organization where their skills and strengths can lead to more successes. It is a known fact; the long hours and demands of a job give us less time and strength to lead a balance between work and life.

How to balance work and life if work eats up all of our time in a day?

It was a very interesting and enlightening afternoon when I encountered Urban Mom’s talk show in One Utama last weekend. Did you know that there’s an organization in Malaysia that recognizes the need among individuals to have a work-life balance? For the first time, I got acquainted with a portal named, an organization that aims to build a network of employers and talents to optimise work-life integration while maximising work efficiency and enhancing employee engagement. The talkshow, “I Made A Career Comeback”, featured 2 women who experienced the challenge of giving up their career for a while and successfully managed to regain their fruitful careers. But the great news is, this time around, these 2 women have made a career comeback that gives them flexible working arrangements or flexible hours, giving them the work-life balance they need. Say what again??? Flexible hours? Work-life balance? These are possible?

At the Urban Mom & talkshow, “I Made a Career Comeback” (from left: 1. Ms. Salika Suksuwan, Head, Industry Partnerships, Talent Corporation Malaysia, 2. Ms. Nisa Hidayah, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Standard Chartered, 3. Ms. Pauline Teo, HR Analyst, BASF Asia-Pacific Service Centre Sdn Bhd, and host)
Women have strong potentials and capabilities to make significant contributions in building businesses and economies. But did you know that in Malaysia, the labour force participation rate of women is lower than neighboring countries like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia?
And why do women stop working?
1 – To raise a family
2 – Lack of Work-Life Balance
3 – To care for a family member
Source: Retaining Women in the Workplace, ACCA & TalentCorp, 2013

Should it really be a choice between motherhood/family and work?

Good news is, women (and even men) who find it challenging to return to their careers after some time can now gain support from and organizations who have recognized the need to retain women workers and talents in the workforce. More and more companies are now working towards providing the best working practices for women such as flexible working hours, working from home and even childcare centres at the workplace. I was happy to find out that established companies are now part of this drive to empower women. Here are some of the companies that have started providing flexibility in the workplace:

Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, you will find a lot of support and benefits via and the organizations that have started flexible work practices. There is even tax  incentives support for companies that practice parent-friendly working environment and efforts to retain women in the workforce. This is amazing. 


Several times in my career, I did experience sacrificing my job to spend more time with my family, mainly my growing up son. It can be stressful and frustrating when a mother has to sacrifice family time for the sake of holding a job, making an income or working to succeed. Personally, I don’t believe that longer working hours directly translates to productivity (in the same way I don’t believe that those who work overtime are necessarily hardworking or efficient). Flexibility in the workplace is a smart, strategic concept if a company aims to maintain diversity, strong talents and, most of all, the significant value that women play in the organization.

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Of course, that day in One Utama wouldn’t end without my son shopping for something…well, he found something at Hamleys…