Lego City Police Truck for 5-12 Years Old

There’s just something about these tiny bricks that gets anyone of any age engaged and captivated.
Visits to a LEGO shop always ends up with my son buying something. He just loves those bricks. And I am not surprised. I used to love those small things and I still do.
My son’s 5th birthday is next month and seeing the wonder and joy in his eyes while looking around the Lego shop at The Curve, I gave in to his desire to own a Lego City Police Truck. I don’t mind spending on these bricks once in a while (not weekly, please, okay, once in a month is fine). I see the good effects on my son’s creativity and patience when he started fixing Lego toys.

boy-fixing-lego-city-police-truck-toyEvery time he has a Lego to fix, my son would be so focused and concentrated with what he is doing. Look at how intense this session was! Right after waking up that morning (the day after we bought the new Lego City), he drank his milk and quickly headed on to his Lego table.

With Lego toys, he learned how to follow step-by-step instructions. The good thing about Lego instruction manuals is that it is cleverly created for kids to analyze and understand. Lego bricks can easily develop skills in children that no ordinary toy can.
My son would spend an hour to concentrate and build his Lego toy. This is the only toy that can get him patiently focused in a time span of an hour or so. Of course, the iPad and arcade games can get him engaged that long but I’m happier to see him build something.

And Voila! From just pieces and pieces of bricks, his Lego City police truck is soon done!

I also love those cute little Lego people. They are so adorable.

Well, I’m still young at heart. I got myself these lovely Lego Star Wars keychains: a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader! I think I’ll be collecting more with my son.

LEGO Shop @ The Curve
Lot 168, First Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
Tel: +603 77328029
Stay connected to LEGO through their FB page at:
To find out more about LEGO, visit them at:
I also noticed an online shop where you can order Lego toys:

Mario Badescu Silver Powder Product Review

Fighting blackheads and whiteheads? Looking for products that will fight those unsightly things on your nose, chin and forehead?
I bought this Mario Badescu a few months ago together with the Temporary Lifting Mask. I find this brand very interesting, with its simple, clinical-like packaging and product names. When I first read the name, I was wondering what in this world is ‘Silver powder’ and what does it do? Does it shimmer? Hmmm…

Like the Temporary Lifting Mask, Mario Badescu Silver Powder also comes in a simple white plastic jar with a white plastic seal upon removing the cap. Before removing the seal, make sure that there’s no fan blowing on your direction. The Silver Powder is the loose type so it can easily be blown by air.
So what is it really for? The Mario Badescu Silver Powder is created to fight excessive, stubborn blackheads. If this brand is something new to you, Romanian-born Mario Badescu who founded his Manhattan skincare salon in 1967 developed this brand under his name. Badescu is a chemist and cosmetologist, and spent years in his laboratory conducting research to develop products for healthy and beautiful skin. His philosophy is that skincare should be simple and gentle yet effective.
Mario Badescu Silver Powder
Price: RM65 for 29ml
Made in USA
Life after opening: 6 months
Where to buy: Sephora or at
This oil-absorbent powder helps to unclog congested pores without drying the skin. It prevents blackheads and promotes a healthier complexion.
What it contains (ingredients): Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin, Zinc Oxide (CI 177497)
How do you use it?
Mario Badescu products come in a very simple packaging, no outer box, no complicated instruction leaflet. It is good to keep it simple but I think that the directions are too simplified. For an unconventional product like this, meaning it’s not our usual cleanser or toner or moisturizer, new users might not have the correct idea on how to use a ‘silver powder’.
What the label says: Once or twice a week, dip a water dampened cotton ball into the powder and press on nose, chin and congested areas on the face. Wait 10 minutes and wipe off with toner or astringent.
It didn’t clearly say that you should wash your face before application. Some might think that it’s common sense but some wouldn’t know. Anyway, for me, first step is to cleanse my face before use.

Next step: Dip a wet cotton ball into the jar and apply on targeted areas on your face. This can be tricky as the wet cotton ball may pick up powder unevenly. It can sometimes be very thick especially if the cotton is very wet. Just spread it on a bigger area on your face if you do pick up a lot. Don’t apply under your nose. I’ll explain why in a while.

Take note that since we are dealing with powder here, it can be quite messy as the powder drops on your vanity table. Stay away from fans or windy areas when applying this.
Once you’ve applied the powder, wait between 5 to 10 minutes. Beware; the silver powder will keep dropping as it dries. So don’t lie down on the bed or sofa or cotton seat while doing this. It’s not hard to clean but you don’t want to be spending too much time cleaning up powder. This is also why you shouldn’t apply it under your nose. As it dries, the powder flies and it will go inside your nose, which can be irritating.


Instruction says to wipe it off with toner but it doesn’t work well for me. It can be because I’m using a very gentle toner, I’m not sure. But this is how it looks like after using toner:
Instead of using toner, I prefer to wash it off to make sure that there is no residue. I use my Neutrogena Deep Clean to remove it.

My face feels really great after Silver Powder and washing. And I notice that my pores are very clear and less noticeable, too. There’s an improvement with just one application. If I keep using this once or twice a week, I’m sure there’ll be more visible improvement and I’d be warding off blackheads or whiteheads from coming back. If you’re worried about drying of the skin after using this, I didn’t experience any tingling, tightening or drying sensation with this product.

Although the instruction doesn’t say on the label, I apply my normal day skincare products after using Silver Powder. I continue with my toner, floral water, brightening essence, serum, moisturizer and eye cream.

daily skincare and beauty products for healthy skin
Overall, minus the insufficient direction on the label, I’m happy with this Mario Badescu product. It is reasonably priced, it works well on my skin and it just blends with my skincare regimen. Let’s fight off those blackheads!
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Magic Eye 3D Museum in Thailand

Visiting Amazing Thailand soon? You gotta check out the 3D museum in Hatyai!

My husband, my son and I had a holiday trip to HatYai, Thailand last month. Aside from seeing the elephants, we also took the time to visit the Magic Eye 3D Museum. Although it is a bit far from our hotel in HatYai, my husband rented a car and driver to bring us to the place. We heard that it’s really nice to visit this museum so we might as well check it out while we’re there.
The staff there were very friendly, I guess most places in HatYai have very friendly customer service staff. Food and drinks, by the way, are not allowed inside the hall so they politely asked us to leave them at the guest services. You also cannot wear shoes inside, of course, to help preserve the beauty and quality of the paintings as most of them are also on the floor. White socks are provided for customers.
If you’re planning to visit the museum, bring your fully charged camera phones, digital cameras or DSLRs. The museum is filled with amazing paintings and visuals, you will definitely spend an hour at least of taking photos at different angles. I was disappointed that I didn’t bring my DSLR with me so I had to make use of my phone. It’s not bad but I knew I could have done better, darn!
And here are some of the photos we took:


My son is SpiderMan!


Giant foot!


Must be careful not to fall from this bridge



My son got a chance to shake hands with Mona Lisa


Where’s your milk?





It was fun and, most important is, my son had a great time! So if you’re dropping by HatYai one of these days, be sure to include the Magic Eye Museum in your itinerary. Both selfie and non-selfie lovers will enjoy this place. Be creative and see how far your imagination and photography skills can take you!


Opening Hours:
Daily between 09.00AM – 09.00PM
Services and Amenities: 
3D art Exhibition Hall, Cafe/Snack/Beverages, Souvenir shop, Photo shoot and small goods
Museum Features: 
More than 100 paintings in different themes – Camouflage, Aquarium, Wildlife, Classical art, Ice world, Surrealism , Zoo, Fantasia and etc.
Entrance Fees:
Tourist – Adult 400THB
Tourist – Child 300THB
Transfer Services and Fees (rates may change):
1. Transfer from Hotel in Hatyai City Center with charge of 100THB/roundtrip/person with minimum charge of 2persons
2. Transfer from Hatyai airport with charge 200THB/way /person with minimum charge of 2persons
3. Transfer from Songkhla city center with charge 300THB/way /person with minimum charge of 2persons
Remark: Please make reservations at least 1hour before departure.
1. Wear casual dress or comfortable clothes. This will help when you take photos. 2. Bring your own camera or smartphone but in case you forget, there are rental services at photo shop in the museum.
3. Take a look sample picture of how to do best pose when taking photos with painting. This will help you get realistic pictures.
4. Food and drinks are not allowed inside paining exhibition hall.
5. Guests are not allowed to wear shoes or slippers inside painting exhibition hall. Museum will provide socks.
1408 Kanjanavanich Rd.,
Hatyai Songkhla TH 90110
Check out their Facebook page at:
Or visit their website at:

China Glaze Nail Polish in ‘So Blue Without You’ Shade

Lovin’ my 2nd China Glaze nail polish in blue color 

China Glaze has so many beautiful shades to choose from (pic from China Glaze website)

Doing my own pedicure and manicure somehow has a therapeutic effect on my very busy work and family life. I admit that it would be nice to always have time and money for regular visit to the nail salon but not all of us have the luxury, do we? So I often do my own nail service. I enjoy buying different nail colors and experimenting with them, most of the time on my toenails. Doing my manicure can be challenging as I do a lot of washing. It’s tough to maintain nail polish to be chip-free when you wash kids stuff regularly.

I’ve purchased 2 China Glaze nail polish colors from Philippines when I went back home a few months ago. The green color is very nice and I love how different lighting changes the sheen of the polish (check my review HERE).
This time, I’ve tested the 2nd color – So Blue Without You – that is a metallic royal blue shade. And I had time to try it on my fingernails.

China Glaze
Nail Lacquer with Hardeners
Price: P350 or around RM30
(In Malaysia, I believe it’s around RM42)
Content: 14ml
Made in USA
Life after opening: 36 months
china glaze blue nail polish price malaysia

I used it with my other nail care products:

Step 1 – Butter London Melt Away to clean up excess cuticle
Step 2 – Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Hardener as base coat
Step 3 – China Glaze Blue Nail Polish
Step 4 – Sally Hansen Diamond Shine as top coat


The color is flattering and it works well with my skin tone. I love the sheen of metallic colors as it plays around with lighting. Another good thing about China Glaze nail polishes is that it contains nail hardeners so it does help to make my nails less prone to chipping. It works together with my Sally Hansen Nail Hardener base coat.
You may also want to check out the China Glaze website as they feature hundreds of beautiful colors and you can even test it out virtually, too! That is so cool.
China Glaze Virtual Nail Polish Color Studio (pic from China Glaze website)
Check out more interesting and inspirational colors at
Stay connected to China Glaze Malaysia at
About China Glaze Nail Polish
Long-wearing, beautifully-shiny, fashion-forward, carcinogenic-free, celeb-fave, manicurist’s best friend, loving and living in color.
China Glaze believes in the power and beauty within every woman. We believe in putting your best-pedicured foot forward. And we say, don’t hide those hands because you’re worried they show your age, but talk with them because the color at your finger tips speaks volumes!
China Glaze offers a broad selection of long-wearing nail lacquers with hardeners and essential treatments at a great value. The brand is dedicated to providing nail technicians with globally appealing, on-trend, high quality nail lacquers and treatments. We offer innovative and fresh ideas to the polish industry!
Visit for more information

Mucus Away with Pureen Clinzo Isotonic Sterilized Seawater Spray

Do you deal with congested nose of your kids or anyone else in the family? This product may be a great companion for you to soften tough mucus in the nose.  


My son catches flu or colds every now and then; I guess most kids do. Before my son started going to school, it wasn’t that bad. But going to school gets kids exposed to a lot of other elements and other people so the frequency of having colds, coughs or flu has increased. I do give him regular vitamins to boost his immune system but getting sick somehow cannot be totally avoided. And did you know that there are over 200 virus strains of the common cold? You may be immune to 1 or more but as you get exposed to another type of virus, you will still fall sick.
One of the toughest to deal with among kids who get flu or colds is the mucus inside their nose. Kids don’t know how to blow their nose yet so the mucus gets trapped inside, preventing them to breathe properly and making them extremely uncomfortable, especially when sleeping. My son would cry at night because he feels so uneasy and finds it difficult to sleep. What I do before was to make him sleep on his side while I rub his back to ease him until he falls asleep. But he would wake up again in the middle of sleep because of breathing difficulty. Although I try to clean his nose and remove the mucus, sometimes those things get really hard and stiff. When this happens, it becomes painful for him when I try to remove it.
Then I stumbled across this Pureen spray in one of the pharmacies and decided to give it a try. 

Pureen Clinzo Isotonic Sterilized Seawater Spray
Price: RM22.90 for 50ml
100% Natural Sterilized Seawater
Preservative free
Rich in minerals and trace elements from the sea
Environmental friendly
It comes in a tube with spray and plastic cap, packed in a card box (toy car here not included). Size is just nice because you can bring it to travel without fear of confiscation from hand carry luggage inspection. I just find the spray a bit hard to press at times because of its shape.
How Does Pureen Clinzo Work?
  • Gently cleans & clears nasal passageways
- Effectively washes away bacteria that cause infections and simulates nose blowing.
  • Hydrates the nasal mucosa
- Its spray nozzle provides even distribution of Pureen Clinzo to the ensembles of the nose, thus maintain the nose’s natural moisture condition.

Special Features:
  • Safe
- Safety nozzle developed for use in infants, children and adults.
- Anti-reflux valve: preventing the bacterial contamination of the solution.
  • Easy
- Safety ergonomic dispensing system for easy administration.
- Suitable for all age groups.
  • Gentle spray pressure
  • Washable nozzle

When To Use Pureen Clinzo
  • Pollution
  • Cold
  • Allergies And Rhinitis
  • Weather Changes
  • In Combination With Other Nasal Preparations
  • In Air-Conditioning Area
  • In The Airplane
  • During Sports
  • Before Bed

I don’t use it regularly, only when my son’s nose is clogged with tough mucus.

How to Use Pureen Clinzo
  • Tilt the head to one side;
  • Gently insert the end of the nasal tip into the upper nostril;
  • Exert a short, sharp pressure;
  • Tilt the head to the other side and repeat the procedure in the other nostril;
  • Straighten the head again to allow any mucous to drain out;
  • Wipe away any excess with a tissue or blow the nose;
  • Repeat the procedure several times a day if necessary.

My son is very fussy and doesn’t really allow me to insert the tip into his nose to spray. What I do is to spray the water onto a cotton bud that I then use to clean his nose. Using Pureen Clinzo is a lot more effective than just using water to wet the cotton bud. And with Clinzo, I’m also sure that the water is clean and sterilized.
This spray can be used on adults, too, by the way. So if you regularly deal with flu and colds, it might be worth it for you to keep a bottle of Pureen Clinzo in the house. It just makes mucus a lot easier to clean and eliminate. 

Exfoliate to Smoother Skin with Soap & Glory Flake Away

Do you use a body scrub at least once a week? You must check out this S&G item…

I received a set of Soap & Glory products last Christmas from my sister-in-law and I really loved the contents of this set. It was just last week when I started using its Flake Away, a body scrub made of brown-color suds. 
Like some ladies, I also forget or get lazy at times to use a once or twice a week product. But did you know that using a gentle body scrub to exfoliate is very important in maintaining healthy and smooth skin? Applying moisturizers or lotion regularly will not work as efficient as they could when we don’t exfoliate. The challenge is that our skin continuously develops dead skin cells. These dead skin cells remain as additional layers that block nutrients from moisturizers to reach the skin. We need to slough it off; otherwise our skin will look dull, rough, unhealthy or simply old. Now, we don’t want that, right?

So I’ve learned to spend a few minutes once or twice a week to use a good body scrub. This Soap & Glory Flake Away is just great for me. I love the scent, which leaves a trail of fresh fragrance (what S&G calls Original Pink fragrance) on the skin after bathing. 

I love that that the scrub easily melts on the skin after a few circular motions, making scrubbing easy and convenient. Some scrubs take long to work or don’t melt at all. Maybe some people like that but I prefer the Flake Away suds. 


My skin feels smooth and supple just right after my first use. It’s getting addictive for me but I limit use to twice a week. Great to use on the entire body and works on the feet, too! Between you and me, it feels nice to use this on the butt area. I have smooth, lovely skin over there after use.
What it is:

A superhero strength skin smoothing body polish with shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. Transforms your scaly legs from reptilian to radiant. Scented with our Original Pink™ fragrance. 
How to use:
  • Apply a handful of Flake Away on to damp skin.
  • Massage in circular motions until most of the grains are gone. 
  • Rinse well, pat dry and apply body glossing oil or moisture butter.

(Careful! Avoid application over irritated skin or abrasions, as salt scrubs can sting.)  
I love using this after my Salvatore Ferragamo shower gel. 

Where to buy in Malaysia: Sephora Outlets
But if you are going to Thailand, you might want to check it out at Boots because they have bigger sizes and better prices or promos, too. Just remember to check it in with your luggage if you buy more than 100ml variants. 
Happy scrubbing!
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Melvita and Women’s Weekly Anti-Aging Workshop

The battle against anti-aging is a never-ending challenge, isn’t it? So when The Malaysian Women’s Weekly announced an interesting workshop last August, I took the chance to learn more about anti-aging…

The free Melvita skincare items in the goodie bag

It’s always interesting for me to attend beauty workshops. I find it worthwhile to discover latest products and to observe how consumers respond to what different beauty brands have to say during such events. It’s also amazing how thirsty we are for advice and knowledge when it comes to techniques, tips or secrets to combat the dreaded ‘a’ word…aging.
How did I acquire a seat for the workshop? The Malaysian Women’s Weekly announced the Anti-Aging session in its August magazine issue. For a minimal fee of RM30, you secure a seat to the workshop, which also comes with refreshments and goodie bag.
The session was held at Lavender Bakery in 1 Utama, at the open air section, where we enjoyed the breeze of a cool morning. Before the session started, Melvita conducted this ‘spin the wheel’ mini-game to get something that addresses aging. I got a small packet of fresh raspberries. So cute.
Refreshments from Lavender were provided, together with a lovely bottle of Esprit Raspberry Sparkling Water. Don’t worry, what you see on my plate here isn’t all of it. I just chose to take a little amount of food.

Workshop items such as sponge, wash bowl and mirror were provided for each guest. We got to sample and apply different anti-aging products from Melvita, ranging from cleansers to beauty oils.

Some of the products tested at the workshop



Melvita also introduced their latest skincare range, Bio-Excellence Naturalift, which consisted of 3 products: Youthful Day Cream, Youthful Night Cream and Eye Contour. These can be combined with other items such as beauty oils and floral water.

Melvita Bio-Excellence Naturalift Skincare

This formula offers the protective and firming action of the bud complex, to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. It also contains shea butter, to nourish the skin, and the combination of rye, oat and hibiscus, which together redefine facial contours. The skin is deeply replenished and firmer; it appears visibly smoother.
I think this is a good product to try, especially for those who are looking for organic skincare solutions.  
The rich texture of this cream sinks gently into the skin, to nourish and moisturize throughout the night. In addition to the firming and protective action of the bud complex, which smoothens wrinkles and fine lines, this formula also contains nourishing shea butter, as well as evening primrose oil, known to help prevent skin ageing. These ingredients are combined with rye, oat and hibiscus, which help redefine facial contours, to provide intensive regenerating action.
For rejuvenating the skin overnight, it is good to have a night cream, which is normally a bit thicker than the usual moisturizer. This night cream has a lovely texture that is suitable for overnight skin recovery. I like the gentle scent, too.  
Formulated with the firming and protective bud complex, this eye cream is enriched with plankton – known for its draining properties, which help to reduce dark circles. It also contains rice powder, for a delicate powdery finish. Rye, oat and hibiscus provide complementary action, filling out wrinkles and fine lines.   
This cream has a light texture that doesn’t feel thick or heavy around the eyes. I guess with the rice powder ingredient, it leaves a nice powder finish so you have no risk of developing those oil seeds or milia.
The session ended with a Q&A game where 3 lucky guests bagged gift sets. Too bad I wasn’t listening carefully; I didn’t answer the question correctly, ha!
Ooohhh, and I enjoyed this yummy dessert!
Overall, the workshop is fine and enjoyable, except for the set-up of the venue. The seating arrangement is too tight, squeezing in around 30 guests. Where I sat, in front, I had to keep asking other guests to stand up so I can access food. I can’t blame the other ladies who were probably rolling their eyes but they also can’t blame me. Well, it was a non-working day for me, I don’t want to be a bitch on a weekend, and so I just keep my cool. The table setting was also tight to conduct self-application of the products. I hope these points will be considered by brands when conducting workshops. Guests must have comfortable space for beauty sessions.
We were given a RM30 voucher to use at Melvita outlets, so it’s like giving back the workshop fee paid to reserve a seat. No worries, you can buy an item with this RM30, such as natural or organic body soaps.

My beauty loot that day:
Organic Rose Floral Water 200ml – RM122.00
Certified organic and fair trade (EFT attested), our floral water is obtained by steam distillation of fresh Rosa damascena petals. Our unique extraction method enables us to obtain a floral water that is particularly rich in active ingredients, making it a naturally powerful formula. With its fresh, delicate scent, our floral water helps to combat dehydration and regenerate the skin.
I love this floral water. I’ve been using it for more than a month now and I’m enjoying the immediate hydration and convenience. It comes with a spray so I don’t really need to use cotton with it. I used to have reaction to rose products but this one proved to be safe for my skin. I spray it on my face in the morning, afternoon at work, and at night.  
Eye Contouring Avocado Oil 50ml – RM112.00
100% of the total ingredients from Organic Farming. Very rich in non-saponifiable components, avocado oil is obtained from the flesh of the persea gratissima fruit. An excellent natural anti-ageing treatment, this oil is recommended for dry and delicate skin. Extremely nourishing, it is recommended for the eye contour, the neck and for stretch marks, especially if used with shea butter, which contains non-saponifiables that are remarkably complementary.
I think it’s amazing that this product can be used on the eye, neck and body stretch marks. So I bought one for my mum-in-law. She’s enjoying the multi-function, too.
I also got myself these 2 soap bars:
Lavender Flowers Soap Bar 100g – RM20.00
Vegetable Soap Bar 100g – RM35.00
I am using the Lavender Flowers Soap Bar every morning. The light scent is just nice, unlike other lavender products that often have a strong aroma.
For an organic beauty brand, I think Melvita is worth a try. I signed up as a member as well to enjoy more privileges. My next purchase would probably be a brightening eye serum and another bottle of floral water. I’m now addicted to spraying rose water on my face every day.



Membership card came with this adorable green beauty pouch that has print of bees inside

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