Mucus Away with Pureen Clinzo Isotonic Sterilized Seawater Spray

Do you deal with congested nose of your kids or anyone else in the family? This product may be a great companion for you to soften tough mucus in the nose.  


My son catches flu or colds every now and then; I guess most kids do. Before my son started going to school, it wasn’t that bad. But going to school gets kids exposed to a lot of other elements and other people so the frequency of having colds, coughs or flu has increased. I do give him regular vitamins to boost his immune system but getting sick somehow cannot be totally avoided. And did you know that there are over 200 virus strains of the common cold? You may be immune to 1 or more but as you get exposed to another type of virus, you will still fall sick.
One of the toughest to deal with among kids who get flu or colds is the mucus inside their nose. Kids don’t know how to blow their nose yet so the mucus gets trapped inside, preventing them to breathe properly and making them extremely uncomfortable, especially when sleeping. My son would cry at night because he feels so uneasy and finds it difficult to sleep. What I do before was to make him sleep on his side while I rub his back to ease him until he falls asleep. But he would wake up again in the middle of sleep because of breathing difficulty. Although I try to clean his nose and remove the mucus, sometimes those things get really hard and stiff. When this happens, it becomes painful for him when I try to remove it.
Then I stumbled across this Pureen spray in one of the pharmacies and decided to give it a try. 

Pureen Clinzo Isotonic Sterilized Seawater Spray
Price: RM22.90 for 50ml
100% Natural Sterilized Seawater
Preservative free
Rich in minerals and trace elements from the sea
Environmental friendly
It comes in a tube with spray and plastic cap, packed in a card box (toy car here not included). Size is just nice because you can bring it to travel without fear of confiscation from hand carry luggage inspection. I just find the spray a bit hard to press at times because of its shape.
How Does Pureen Clinzo Work?
  • Gently cleans & clears nasal passageways
- Effectively washes away bacteria that cause infections and simulates nose blowing.
  • Hydrates the nasal mucosa
- Its spray nozzle provides even distribution of Pureen Clinzo to the ensembles of the nose, thus maintain the nose’s natural moisture condition.

Special Features:
  • Safe
- Safety nozzle developed for use in infants, children and adults.
- Anti-reflux valve: preventing the bacterial contamination of the solution.
  • Easy
- Safety ergonomic dispensing system for easy administration.
- Suitable for all age groups.
  • Gentle spray pressure
  • Washable nozzle

When To Use Pureen Clinzo
  • Pollution
  • Cold
  • Allergies And Rhinitis
  • Weather Changes
  • In Combination With Other Nasal Preparations
  • In Air-Conditioning Area
  • In The Airplane
  • During Sports
  • Before Bed

I don’t use it regularly, only when my son’s nose is clogged with tough mucus.

How to Use Pureen Clinzo
  • Tilt the head to one side;
  • Gently insert the end of the nasal tip into the upper nostril;
  • Exert a short, sharp pressure;
  • Tilt the head to the other side and repeat the procedure in the other nostril;
  • Straighten the head again to allow any mucous to drain out;
  • Wipe away any excess with a tissue or blow the nose;
  • Repeat the procedure several times a day if necessary.

My son is very fussy and doesn’t really allow me to insert the tip into his nose to spray. What I do is to spray the water onto a cotton bud that I then use to clean his nose. Using Pureen Clinzo is a lot more effective than just using water to wet the cotton bud. And with Clinzo, I’m also sure that the water is clean and sterilized.
This spray can be used on adults, too, by the way. So if you regularly deal with flu and colds, it might be worth it for you to keep a bottle of Pureen Clinzo in the house. It just makes mucus a lot easier to clean and eliminate. 

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