China Glaze Nail Polish in ‘So Blue Without You’ Shade

Lovin’ my 2nd China Glaze nail polish in blue color 

China Glaze has so many beautiful shades to choose from (pic from China Glaze website)

Doing my own pedicure and manicure somehow has a therapeutic effect on my very busy work and family life. I admit that it would be nice to always have time and money for regular visit to the nail salon but not all of us have the luxury, do we? So I often do my own nail service. I enjoy buying different nail colors and experimenting with them, most of the time on my toenails. Doing my manicure can be challenging as I do a lot of washing. It’s tough to maintain nail polish to be chip-free when you wash kids stuff regularly.

I’ve purchased 2 China Glaze nail polish colors from Philippines when I went back home a few months ago. The green color is very nice and I love how different lighting changes the sheen of the polish (check my review HERE).
This time, I’ve tested the 2nd color – So Blue Without You – that is a metallic royal blue shade. And I had time to try it on my fingernails.

China Glaze
Nail Lacquer with Hardeners
Price: P350 or around RM30
(In Malaysia, I believe it’s around RM42)
Content: 14ml
Made in USA
Life after opening: 36 months
china glaze blue nail polish price malaysia

I used it with my other nail care products:

Step 1 – Butter London Melt Away to clean up excess cuticle
Step 2 – Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Hardener as base coat
Step 3 – China Glaze Blue Nail Polish
Step 4 – Sally Hansen Diamond Shine as top coat


The color is flattering and it works well with my skin tone. I love the sheen of metallic colors as it plays around with lighting. Another good thing about China Glaze nail polishes is that it contains nail hardeners so it does help to make my nails less prone to chipping. It works together with my Sally Hansen Nail Hardener base coat.
You may also want to check out the China Glaze website as they feature hundreds of beautiful colors and you can even test it out virtually, too! That is so cool.
China Glaze Virtual Nail Polish Color Studio (pic from China Glaze website)
Check out more interesting and inspirational colors at
Stay connected to China Glaze Malaysia at
About China Glaze Nail Polish
Long-wearing, beautifully-shiny, fashion-forward, carcinogenic-free, celeb-fave, manicurist’s best friend, loving and living in color.
China Glaze believes in the power and beauty within every woman. We believe in putting your best-pedicured foot forward. And we say, don’t hide those hands because you’re worried they show your age, but talk with them because the color at your finger tips speaks volumes!
China Glaze offers a broad selection of long-wearing nail lacquers with hardeners and essential treatments at a great value. The brand is dedicated to providing nail technicians with globally appealing, on-trend, high quality nail lacquers and treatments. We offer innovative and fresh ideas to the polish industry!
Visit for more information

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