Magic Eye 3D Museum in Thailand

Visiting Amazing Thailand soon? You gotta check out the 3D museum in Hatyai!

My husband, my son and I had a holiday trip to HatYai, Thailand last month. Aside from seeing the elephants, we also took the time to visit the Magic Eye 3D Museum. Although it is a bit far from our hotel in HatYai, my husband rented a car and driver to bring us to the place. We heard that it’s really nice to visit this museum so we might as well check it out while we’re there.
The staff there were very friendly, I guess most places in HatYai have very friendly customer service staff. Food and drinks, by the way, are not allowed inside the hall so they politely asked us to leave them at the guest services. You also cannot wear shoes inside, of course, to help preserve the beauty and quality of the paintings as most of them are also on the floor. White socks are provided for customers.
If you’re planning to visit the museum, bring your fully charged camera phones, digital cameras or DSLRs. The museum is filled with amazing paintings and visuals, you will definitely spend an hour at least of taking photos at different angles. I was disappointed that I didn’t bring my DSLR with me so I had to make use of my phone. It’s not bad but I knew I could have done better, darn!
And here are some of the photos we took:


My son is SpiderMan!


Giant foot!


Must be careful not to fall from this bridge



My son got a chance to shake hands with Mona Lisa


Where’s your milk?





It was fun and, most important is, my son had a great time! So if you’re dropping by HatYai one of these days, be sure to include the Magic Eye Museum in your itinerary. Both selfie and non-selfie lovers will enjoy this place. Be creative and see how far your imagination and photography skills can take you!


Opening Hours:
Daily between 09.00AM – 09.00PM
Services and Amenities: 
3D art Exhibition Hall, Cafe/Snack/Beverages, Souvenir shop, Photo shoot and small goods
Museum Features: 
More than 100 paintings in different themes – Camouflage, Aquarium, Wildlife, Classical art, Ice world, Surrealism , Zoo, Fantasia and etc.
Entrance Fees:
Tourist – Adult 400THB
Tourist – Child 300THB
Transfer Services and Fees (rates may change):
1. Transfer from Hotel in Hatyai City Center with charge of 100THB/roundtrip/person with minimum charge of 2persons
2. Transfer from Hatyai airport with charge 200THB/way /person with minimum charge of 2persons
3. Transfer from Songkhla city center with charge 300THB/way /person with minimum charge of 2persons
Remark: Please make reservations at least 1hour before departure.
1. Wear casual dress or comfortable clothes. This will help when you take photos. 2. Bring your own camera or smartphone but in case you forget, there are rental services at photo shop in the museum.
3. Take a look sample picture of how to do best pose when taking photos with painting. This will help you get realistic pictures.
4. Food and drinks are not allowed inside paining exhibition hall.
5. Guests are not allowed to wear shoes or slippers inside painting exhibition hall. Museum will provide socks.
1408 Kanjanavanich Rd.,
Hatyai Songkhla TH 90110
Check out their Facebook page at:
Or visit their website at:

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