Real Techniques Expert Face Brush Review

How do you apply your liquid foundation? If you’re still using fingertips, you might want to consider trying this makeup tool. 

I can’t live without liquid foundation…seriously. I’d probably melt and disappear on-the-spot if I go to work or go out without liquid foundation on my face. I’m not comfortable with the appearance of my pores and I need my face to have light to medium coverage. I don’t really go for heavy foundation as it can feel very thick on the face but with the right foundation and brush, I’ll be happy. 

I used to apply foundation with fingertips before. It was fine, a lot of foundation products nowadays are very easy to blend and apply. But when you aspire for flawless, almost perfect application like how makeup artists do makeup, using a brush is the best way. 
I first encountered Real Techniques makeup tools via Luxola and I liked the stylish look of the handle. It’s not the typical black and silver combination; this one is in gold and black. I also liked the imprinted brush model on the handle so I don’t need to recall which brush I have or don’t have for my next purchase. 


Price: RM43.00
Free shipping via Luxola 
Ultra firm and broad for application and blending of cream or liquid foundation
Look pixel-perfect even in harsh light
Ultra-plush, synthetic bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free
Self-standing for easy storage
Extended aluminum handle is light and easy to use


The brush comes in a transparent plastic box, making the brush perfectly visible. At the back of this box is a photo of 2 women, Sam and Nic Chapman, who are sisters and are the founders of this brand. These women have created makeup video tutorials available on YouTube and have provided wonderful tips for beauty enthusiasts around the world. What a cool duo of makeup lovers!



The brush itself is placed on a white cardboard inside the plastic box. I appreciate this kind of extra protection to ensure that the brush can be shipped to customers in good condition. Some of the more expensive brushes are only protected by plastic cover and I wish those had a bit more protective packaging. 


The bristles are synthetic but it feels of high-grade. I’ve been using this brush for more than a month now and I love how it picks up foundation, applies it evenly and comfortably on my face. It is also easy to wash and after several times of washing now, I’ve never seen a strand fall off. It dries quite fast, too. 

Getting tips on how to use this brush is also very easy as Real Techniques have videos online that are easy to access and find. You can check out this video where Sam shows 3 different brushes and how to use each. 

 Real Techniques Makeup Video Tutorial
I love this Real Techniques brush and would be trying more of its makeup brushes! 

For more info from Real Techniques, you can visit their website at:

Interested to get your hands on the brushes? Visit Luxola and be warned that the brushes run out-of-stock once in a while (I’m actually on the waitlist for one of the sets):

Follow Real Techniques on Facebook via: 

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