Functional Laptop Bag at Flight 001

For the past 2 months, I’ve been looking for a functional laptop messenger bag but I didn’t want a traditional one, not the black conventional polyester type that comes free with a purchase of a laptop. I was looking for something out of the usual-looking ones, must have a pocket/sleeve for a MacBook, must have enough space for me to bring my makeup kit, wallet and other small items. Sadly, it is not that easy to find one. It’s quite surprising that with so many bag-makers around in this century, very few brands have been thinking about working women like me who need to combine a bit of style with technology and essential items inside 1 bag. I’m not asking for designer style laptop bag, just something out of the ordinary.
But yay, finally! I stumbled upon Flight 001 at e@Curve 2 weeks ago and I saw this nice, gray messenger bag!


Dimension: 37.5cm width x 11cm depth x 26.5cm height – it accommodates my 13.3 Macbook Air with extra space

Color: Elephant Grey
Brand: M.R.K.T. Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger – isn’t that catchy?
Price: RM399 (includes GST)
Felt / Vegan Leather
95% Syn Felt
5% PU


I love the look and feel of this laptop bag. It’s definitely not the usual type of material, and it uses vegan material by the way. It has a detachable shoulder strap; you can hold it like a business case if preferred. It’s also sturdy and structured, which means you can place documents inside without getting them crumpled.

There’s a quick access back pocket for items like business cardholder and even your phone. I normally tuck my iPhone 6 here so I can easily take it out.

The main compartment has speed-release buckles, one of which features the brand M.R.K.T. in rubber.

It includes a removable sleeve that fits my 13.3 MacBook Air. If I need to bring a tablet, this sleeve also serves as a divider between devices. Cool and functional.

See how it snugly hugs a MacBook inside. I’m sure that even an ordinary laptop can fit nicely here, without making the bag bulky.
The best part is it can accommodate my other essential items: make-up kit, wallet, sets of keys, wet tissues, sanitary pads…I love this bag!

If you are looking for unconventional but functional laptop bags and other travel essentials, you can drop by Flight 001 in e@Curve or at Bangsar Village 2. They have brands like Hedgren, Timbuk2, Herschel and more.