Lego Nexo Knights Fantastical Realm at Your Fingertips

Multi-dimensional play? Sounds cool and fun!
Lego is always exploring and enabling newer and interesting ways for parents to enjoy uniquely curated experiences with their children. As a parent, I work hard to ensure that my child engages in different types of activities and have a diversified experience, whether it’s something creative, educational or simply fun. It’s great to see that LEGO recognizes this need for children and parents. And they have recently launched this amazing multi-platform product line, the LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS.
This one is entirely new and different from other Lego collections. The LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS enables children and Lego fans to enjoy both online and offline realms while training to be the best knights of Knighton.

I love the concept of multi-dimensional play. This combines the physical world with the digital, allowing all of us to immerse ourselves not just in 1 platform but also across different channels or media. Gone are the days that we only enjoy the LEGO toys that we build. With LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS, we enjoy an app (Merlok 2.0) with a virtual school (the NEXO Academy website) with animated TV series (via Cartoon Network) with comics and with the LEGO building sets. All these platforms work together to give our kids the best multi-dimensional experience that we’ve never had before! Now, LEGO is truly not just a toy…it has gone above and beyond what a toy does!

The Merlok 2.0 app is a fun game to play. My son had downloaded the game right after testing it at the Battle Zone in MidValley. This app has a special ability to scan and download as many as 170 unique NEXO Knights powers, represented as knight shields, scattered across the kingdom of Knighton.  
So let’s get started with our training! It’s very easy to join the LEGO® NEXOKNIGHTS Academy.

Step 2: Activate your or your child’s Lego ID from the Activation Email sent to your email address.

Step 3: Log-in to your account and download the app.

Step 4: Start with your training and accomplish Quests! Scan shields from print ads, cards and everywhere you see Nexo Knights shields, including the TV series! Drop by MidValley Center Court until 20th March 2016 and discover a lot of scattered shields within the event area!



The Academy gives you access to a lot of information such as the Nexo Knights, products, videos, latest news, events and more. My son has started his training with the Nexo Knights Academy. It’s fun and easy! Just start with a quest and every successful step earns you a shield that you can immediately scan. This is also saved in the armory and can be scanned later. You can even edit your profile with different pieces of Lego figure! 

Of course, my son’s LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS multi-dimensional play won’t be complete without building the Lego set. He was thrilled to fix his first Nexo Knights toys: Ultimate Robin figure that comes with full armor and 2 pieces of chicken drumstick (haha!), and Beast Master’s Chaos Chariot that comes with Nexo Knight Macy. It’s cool that this new Lego line has added a female character in the team. Macy is the princess of the realm and dedicated to protect Knighton even when it’s tough for her to prove herself to her father, the king. See, I’ve been absorbed by the story already.  

This LEGO experience is one of the highlights of my son’s school holiday. I wish you and your family a happy and “play-full” season! Drop by MidValley Megamall soon, download the Merlok 2.0 app, join the Nexo Knights Academy, build a LEGO set and have fun!

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