Egyptian Magic Cream – Why do celebrities and models love this?

There must be a good reason why this cream seems to be the rave of a lot of Hollywood celebrities and models…but I have to try it for myself

Is it really possible for 1 cream to solve concerns on the body, face, lips, eyes and hair? I’ve heard of all-purpose cream for making salads and desert, or all-purpose flour for pancakes but an all-purpose skin cream? Hmmm, this is new to me.
My first question was, why “Egyptian”? I checked the jar, it is not made in Egypt; it’s actually made in the USA. The answer lies in the rich, influential history of the Egyptians when it comes to body care and skin care. The Egyptians are probably the most abundant in ancient practices for beauty and cosmetics. As early as the time of the pyramids or even before that, the ancient Egyptians used soaps that contain olive oil for their cleansing rituals. They also used honey to moisturize their skin and protect it from the arid climate. The scorching heat of the sun and windswept sands caused a lot of skin problems and infections for them so the Egyptians put very high importance to skincare regimen. And men even rubbed oils on their hair to fight baldness and promote hair growth!


There is no doubt that the rituals of ancient Egyptians still apply as reliable science for skincare today. The use of certain oils and honey are very beneficial to the skin and even hair. Isn’t it amazing how the ancient tradition still is a relevant practice at this age and time?


6 Natural yet Powerful Ingredients inside Egyptian Magic Cream

And so I opened my Natta Cosme box containing a carefully-bubble-wrapped Egyptian Magic Cream. The box itself is filled with paper shredding to absorb impact and protect the product from shock. It also contained tip cards indicating how to use the cream and more information.


I excitedly unwrapped and unsealed my new Egyptian Magic Cream, looking forward to know what the celebrities are raving about. The cream itself reminds me of petroleum jelly, but the Magic Cream is more solid and not very sticky like the former. The color is of light yellow wax, without fragrance or scent. It just smells of clean, fresh oil.

How do you use it?
Step 1 – Scoop out the balm
Step 2 – Gently rub the balm on your palm
Step 3 – Apply on desired area
Just to show you how the product looks like (I didn’t rub on my palm), I scooped a small amount onto the back of my hand here. At first, the product itself seems very solid but once it gets in contact with the heat of your fingers, it will melt naturally. 

Upon rubbing it onto the skin, here you can see that my hand has a film of moisture. The Egyptian Magic Cream is a great solution to those with dry, chapped hands. I’m the type of person who constantly needs hand cream, especially after washing my hands or the dishes or any activity that involves getting my hands wet. My hands easily get dry but applying this magic cream on my hands at night before going to sleep does magic!
Of course I gotta try it on my legs, too! Since it claims that it can be used on the body, I have to test it. I also tend to have dry skin on my legs and it can get very itchy and uncomfortable. But applying EMC on my legs calms down the discomfort and moisturizes my skin well. If you apply it during the day in this tropical weather, it might feel a bit oily so I use it at night before I sleep. We use air conditioner in our room so I really need to apply body lotion to bed. And the Egyptian Magic Cream does a great job in keeping my legs (and arms) hydrated through the night.


I also apply it on my son’s feet before he sleeps and it makes his feet even more kissable!

You can try applying it on your face, too. The Egyptian Magic Cream provides an instant hydration and gives the skin a healthy glow. Here I applied it on my face right after washing. No toner, no serums, no moisturizer. Just the magic cream. Make sure you just apply a thin film. 


Left: Right after washing, no skincare
RIGHT: With Egyptian Magic Cream on bare face

I didn’t need much convincing to understand why celebrities and models love this product. It’s really amazing, I discovered 8 great benefits from the Egyptian Magic Cream:
  1. It’s multi-purpose! You can apply it on
  2. a.     Eye area
    b.     Lips
    c.      Neck
    d.     Arms
    e.     Legs
    f.      Hands
    g.     Feet
    h.     Hair
    i.   Face
  3. It contains all-natural healing ingredients. Olive oil + honey + royal jelly + beeswax + bee pollen + propolis in 1 balm.
  4. It’s a great moisturizer, making it a powerful anti-aging balm that works on several areas of the body and face.
  5. It can be used on children, too!
  6. It’s a travel companion. Since you can use it on almost everywhere on the body and you can use it on your kids, it’s simply convenient to bring the Egyptian Magic Cream with you.
  7. If you love to go swimming, it’s a great after-sun lotion to soothe the skin and sunburns.
  8. It simply works it magic. You’ll wake up to hydrated skin in the morning.
  9. It gives dry hair an instant shine. 
Some tips:
  • If you plan to use on different parts of the body, you might want to separate the balm into few containers, probably a small jar for eye area, a mini jar for the lips, a jar for face, a jar for hair use, and a jar for body.
  • For optimized results, dab appropriate amount on the area and follow with gentle massage to allow the balm to be absorbed faster into your skin.
So who are some of the celebrities who swear by the benefits of the Egyptian Magic Cream?



Where to get this multi-purpose magic cream?
Natta Cosme at
Price: RM125 (around USD39) for 118ml / RM89.90 (around USD28) for 59ml

Why you should buy from Natta Cosme:
Money-back guarantee within 14 days! When you order your EMC (Egyptian Magic Cream), it will arrive with a FREE 3ml sachet for you to try first. If you’re not happy, just send back the unopened jar and Natta Cosme will refund your money (excluding postage fees).

Natta Cosme at
Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream “The People’s Choice” is made with the following pure ingredients: olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis and Divine love. Gynecologists, plastic surgeons, homeopathic physicians, chiropractors from all over the world sell Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream “The People’s Choice.”
Surveys show that about 35% of the clients using Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream “The People’s Choice” had eczema and psoriasis. When they found that conventional skin creams could not solve their problems, these clients turned to natural health food stores and to their delight discovered Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream “The People’s Choice.”
Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream “The People’s Choice” is today’s all-purpose skin cream of choice, recommended and used because of its all-natural pure super healing ingredients and its phenomenal results. Even pharmaceutical companies secretly acknowledged that products derived from all pure natural living sources are better than those products derived from chemicals. Today, scientists in the Amazon are finding the most powerful solutions from the rain forest.

Stride Rite Shoes for Babies & Kids

I love shoes! Who doesn’t, right? As much as I enjoy shopping shoes for myself, I definitely enjoy shopping shoes for my son! I was addicted to my son’s feet since he was a newborn and I admit that I am still nibbling his feet every single day. No day passes by without me spending a few seconds or minutes playing with his feet.
Naturally, my shoe shopping for my son takes as long as shopping a pair for myself, even longer. I’m very particular with the appearance, colors, materials and comfort. I also look for shoe types that will be easy to clean. My son used to vomit a lot; well, he still vomits occasionally while traveling and the shoes are easy targets for vomit stains.

I look for materials that look durable. Kids my son’s age (he’s 4 years old now) run a lot and, unlike us adults, they don’t really care whether their nice shoes get messed up or not. It takes a certain age to be conscious of that. So if the material doesn’t last long enough, your child will only be able to wear those pair of shoes for a few times.
Most important for me in buying shoes for my child is comfort. He must be comfortable and happy to wear his shoes, just like adults should. If he’s not comfortable, he’ll be fidgeting and taking it off frequently.


I first heard of Stride Rite in Malaysia in 2011 and was delighted to learn that this brand has reached the country. Since having a child in 2009, I’ve begun to be fascinated by those cuddly, adorable, tiny shoes. Being a baby foot addict, I want nice, good shoes for my son’s feet.
It’s very interesting how a shoe brand puts significant importance to children’s feet. Did you know that Stride Rite has been around for more than 90 years? It was founded in Massachusetts, United States. Only Stride Rite has introduced a first walking shoe that is clinically proven to reduce the number of stumbles and falls when learning to walk. Until now, it continues to provide shoes that were specifically made with an in-depth knowledge of how children walk.

Stride Rite: Rite Steps System

I admittedly don’t know much about the science of children’s feet. Maybe I didn’t explore or try to understand more about them. But here are some interesting facts from Stride Rite that are worth taking note of:
  • Bones are not fully formed in a child’s foot until age 5. While the foot is still developing, the cartilage can be easily influenced by ill-fitting footwear.
  • Babies’ feet do not have arches. Arches do not start to develop until 2 years old.
  • The 52 bones in the human feet make up one quarter of all the bones in the human body. 
  • Babies’ feet perspire two times more than adults, so always look for breathable materials such as leather and mesh or anti-microbial linings.
  • The heel is the one bone in the foot that helps to balance baby’s entire body.
  • Similar to your body, your feet are still growing into your late teen years. So your tenth pair of shoes is just as important as your very first.

And did you know that you should never hand-down baby shoes from one child to another? According to Stride Rite, baby shoes, especially shoes made of leather form to a child’s foot once they are worn for a while. A person’s gait is much like their fingerprint; it is unique to them. If a child wears hand-me-down shoes, his or her walking pattern may be affected since his or her feet are now trying to form to the gait of another child. (Of course, this shouldn’t stop us from donating shoes in good condition to the needy. A worn pair of shoes is still better than no shoes at all. So please do save your old shoes for people who have none.)
Stride Rite has very adorable collections for ages 0 to 10, both boys and girls. Check out these wonderful, cute shoes!
Stride Rite Cars/ McQueen shoes – RM159

Stride Rite shoes for baby girl – RM149

Stride Rite has Princess collection shoes for the little princesses, too!

I finally got to buy Stride Rite shoes for my son. I bought 2 pairs of blue shoes that can be worn for school and for going out. My son loves blue and he personally chose these pairs. 1 pair is open-toed, which is great for long travels. The 2nd pair is closed shoes but is designed to allow his feet to breathe and comes in breathable mesh, too. Both pairs can be washed easily and since they have dark blue color, I think I wouldn’t have much challenge in cleaning and maintaining them. 

Stride Rite closed shoes in breathable design and material

Stride Rite open toe shoes for boys

When I purchased these 2 pairs, I also got entitled to be part of Kidea – Stride Rite’s new membership programme, which gives members/kids a lot of privileges to watch out for. Any purchase of RM80 or above allows you to be a member of Kidea for free.
Stride Rite Kidea Rewards Program

See this cute package of the membership cards and booklet in a nice blue folder with their signature Kidea icon. Let me try and see how this Kidea programme works for me and my son, then I’ll share more about it in the near future (that is if I’m satisfied, haha!).
Stride Rite Kidea Rewards Program cards

So now my son is looking forward to wear his new shoes! Just like mommy, he also loves nice, comfortable footwear!
About Stride Rite
Stride Rite’s rich, deep heritage is found in every shoe. Nowhere is this more evident than in The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) grant of its Seal of Acceptance to several styles of Stride Rite’s baby shoes, the first baby shoes in the industry to carry the Seal. 

Throughout the 70s, Stride Rite maintained the position as the leading manufacturer of quality children’s footwear. The company saw significant changes taking place in the shoe industry and found a new opportunity for growth. In 1972, Stride Rite opened its first company-owned retail bootery, bringing more than 60 years of experience and expertise in children’s shoes to the public. 

Stride Rite has remained committed to providing the best fitting shoes for children. The entire collection, every single shoe, is created from an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how children walk and grow. Stride Rite studies have led to important breakthroughs and new technologies in children’s footwear. 

So whether children are taking their first steps or are off and running, Stride Rite understands the significance of every step and will continue to innovate and provide the most advanced children’s footwear.


You can visit their website at more information. 
Or better yet, get connected to Stride Rite’s Facebook page at 
Find shoes for your kids at these Stride Rite Outlets in Malaysia
Suria KLCC
Address: Lot C 202, Level 2, Jalan Ampang 50088, Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Tel: (60) 03 2788 0738
Business Hours:
Mondays to Sundays and Public Holidays:
10:00am – 10:00pm
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Address: S139, 2nd Floor, Lebun Bandar Petaling Jaya, Bandar Utama 47800
Tel: (60) 03 7722 5818
Business Hours:
Mondays to Thursdays, Sundays and Public Holidays: 10:00am – 10:00pm
Fridays and Saturdays:
10:00am – 10:30pm
Bangsar Village
Address: F9b, 1st Floor, No. 1 Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (60) 03 2282 3975
Business Hours:
Mondays to Sundays and Public Holidays:
10:00am – 10:00pm
Paradigm Mall
Address: Lot 1F-27, First Floor, No. 1 Jalan SS7/26A, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: (60) 03 7887 5638
Business Hours:
Mondays to Sundays and Public Holidays:
10:00am – 10:00pm
Empire Shopping Gallery
Address: F27, First Floor, Jalan SS16/1, Subang Jaya
Tel: (60) 03 5631 6771
Business Hours:
Mondays to Sundays and Public Holidays:
10:00am – 10:00pm
Johor Premium Outlets
Address: Jalan Premium Outlets, Indahpura, 81000 Kulaijaya, Johor Darul Takzim
Unit No.: Suite No. 825
Tel: (60) 07 670 8037
Business Hours:
Mondays to Sundays and Public Holidays:
10:00am – 10:00pm

A Few of my Favorite Things

My Favorite Things by Maria – The Sound of Music

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels

Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings

These are a few of my favorite things

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

Silver white winters that melt into springs

These are a few of my favorite things

When the dog bites

When the bee stings

When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don’t feel so bad

(lyrics source:

I just celebrated my 33rd birthday a few weeks ago. At times, I still find it hard to believe how far I’ve gone from my life just almost 5 years before. And in celebration of a good and blessed life, I am enumerating the things in my life that I’m thankful for…plus a few of my favorite (material) things. 

1) My husband

Wedding in Boracay

Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe that there’s no perfect marriage. It is no fairy tale where the princess marries the prince and they live happily ever after, the end. The truth is, marriage only starts after the wedding and this is where ‘work’ begins. There will be tough times, there will be tougher times. But after everything I’ve gone through, from letting go of everything I have back in my home country, to being in a foreign land with nothing but my clothes (and a few beauty products), no job, no friends…my husband has kept his promise that I will never be hungry. 

My husband has been true and loyal after all these years, after all the pregnancy weight and post-pregnancy kilos I’ve never lost. There are times of disappointments but he’s been ever loving and supportive of my decisions. Some wives are tied down with their partners’ manipulation and control while I am blessed to make my own choices and be respected for it. When I arrived in Malaysia more than 4 years back, I had nothing. But now, I am pursuing my aspirations and having a wonderful life. My husband has been strong through it all, and has been my most loyal friend. 

2) My son
The breadth and source of my very strength for the past 3 years and for the years to come. Motherhood completely changed my life, the way I look at things, my habits, my choices ad my personality. Before my son came into my life, I was a hot-tempered biatch at work and I can easily raise my voice, bang the table and scold people. Now, I’ve learned how to be patient and more. My priorities and choices revolve around him. I work even harder than before, making tougher decisions and more. But most of all, I aim to be the best person, achieve the highest I can and prepare the best possible future, all for him. 

3) My In-Laws

It’s not easy to find couples who can confidently say that they are thankful for their in-laws. In my case, I am very blessed to have in-laws who are very concerned, understanding, supportive and loving. All through these years, they’ve been on my side, always lending a helping hand. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t know how my husband and I could have gone through all the tough times when we first arrived. And now, they are the ones taking care of my son while I work, which is totally priceless. I cannot imagine how our lives would be without my in-laws being there for Aden. 

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have also been there for us. I still recall my pregnancy days and they helped us with things like baby items, food and other things that we might need. Whether small or big stuff, they’ve been generous and always thoughtful. In this time and life, I know that it’s not everyday for anyone to get blessed with a family like this. 

4) My parents, sisters and brother, and my relatives back home

Life is never easy but we need to find ways to be happy, find simple joys in everyday life. At a young age, I’ve known what it’s like to have a not-so-easy life, and so I learned to work hard, make better decisions to reach my goals. There were a lot of hard times but these hard times made me a tougher person. I learn how to appreciate good times and other blessings even more because I knew what it’s like to be on the other side. 

5) True friends

Good laughs, tears, sweat, tough professors, mean bosses, crushes, shopping…some things are just best shared and appreciated with true friends. Although some of us are very far apart, we still manage to share some laughs, heartaches and all. 

6) Tough Bosses who make you learn important things

I’ve been so blessed to have bosses who manage to bring out the best in me, whether intentionally done or not. I know that we all looooove to complain about our bosses but truth is, they make us tougher and do better than our normal, easy-going selves. People tend to find a comfort zone and without those tough (and sometimes heartless) people in our lives, we wouldn’t be challenged and life will just be boring. 

7) Photographers, Graphic Designers

Working with professional photographers and very creative graphic designers had been, and still is, a great joy in my career. I actually graduated as an interior designer (huwhat?) so creatives, colors and stuff grab my interest. But there’s something about photography and combining graphic design elements into an artwork that really gives me a sense of fulfillment.  

And here are some of my favorite material stuff…not to be mistaken as of equal importance as the above but, nevertheless, these stuff still give a smile on my face:

8) iPhone 5

This is just the best mobile gadget for me. I love the camera, love the speed, love the interface and all. For the past years, I’ve tried different brands, different types…but this, by far, outruns them all. Not everyone will agree but as a personal choice, iPhone 5 works best for me. 

iPhone5: One of my Precious-es

9) MacBook Pro

I guess I just have the ‘need for speed’. I hate working on computers that hang on minor applications, especially when you’re shifting from 1 design program to another. I’m not a full-time designer but I occasionally enjoy photo editing and some small artworks every now and then. The Mac’s interface is just superb with its multi-touch trackpad. Swipe and shift programs easily with your fingers. Quick. Easy. Genius. 
A few years back when I started working for an international lingerie brand and I saw a Mac for the first time, I was awestruck. Well, I thought, will I ever be able to afford that? Will I even understand how to use one? And, thank God, I was. It was worth every RM. 

MacBook Pro: Speed and creativity at my fingertips

10) Kate Spade Red Tote Bag

I’m not really the type who splurges on designer bags, not that I can even afford to. But I saw this bag and it called my name (!). The leather is wonderful, the color is delicious and the design is simple yet classy. At first, I thought that red will be very hard to match with clothes but it just works fine with any color. With the mix-and-match trend in fashion now, sporting a red bag with an attire can make a statement. 

Kate Spade Red Leather Bag with Gold Accents

11) Clairol Herbal Essences Coconut Milk

Yes, yes, like most of the other ladies out there, I am hoping that one shampoo or conditioner can solve all my hair problems. Though it doesn’t magically turn my hair into that soft-flowing, captivating bundle of strands like in TV commercials, this Clairol Herbal Essence Coconut Milk keeps my hair more moisturized than other conditioners that I’ve tried. The lasting scent is a definite plus and it’s very affordable if not cheap for most. The shampoo is just as nice because it doesn’t dry my hair out like others. I even explored  more expensive brands, salon brands, professional brands but I still go back to Herbal Essences. 

Clairol Herbal Essences Coconut Milk Conditioner

12) Canon EOS100D

I finally got my hands on my very first DSLR! I’ve actually been dreaming of owning one for several years. It’s not cheap and for the past few years, I wasn’t confident enough to invest on one because I rarely have time to just take pictures as I’m so busy with work. It wouldn’t be worth it to buy one and just keep it, right? But the time has come for me to pursue my other passion in life while still maintaining my career in marketing. Thank God for all the blessings. I now have some good regular time for my son and myself. 

The Canon EOS 100D was just recently released and in good timing for my decision to buy a DSLR. It is the lightest and smallest DSLR ever launched (for now) and it fits comfortably on a beginner’s hand. And it’s just amazingly light. I’ve been taking photos since I bought it, of course, excitedly, and the results are just so different and a lot better than my normal point-and-shoot digital camera. I can now take photos of Aden even if he moves a lot and take photos for my blogs more beautifully. 

My first DSLR: Canon EOS 100D

13) Perricone MD Intensive Pore Minimizer

I had a post about this great product at This pore minimizer gave me visible results and the longer I use it, the more my skin becomes smoother, the smaller my pores become. I just love how my skin’s texture has improved within the past months. I’ll be finishing it soon so gotta buy another one!

14) Biore Pore Strips

Being obsessed with my huge pores, I constantly explore products to reduce their size or at least, keep it free from blackheads and whiteheads. But this is just almost impossible for me so I’ve been regularly cleaning my pores with pore strips. I do this every Saturday and I’m quite addicted to seeing those tiny, icky stuff all stuck to the strip! I’ve tried different brands at different prices. But Biore pore strips at only RM10.80 for 10 strips have been the most effective. Other strips don’t have cuttings on some corners that should adapt to the curves of our nose and cheeks which make it a bit inefficient. Biore has cutting on several corners, making it follow the contour of the nose, especially the fold between the nose and cheeks. 

15) Crabtree & Evelyn Iris Triple Milled Soap

Normally, I don’t really use bar soaps but when my sister-in-law gave me an Iris bath set, the scent of the triple milled soap was simply bewitching! So I got another set from Crabtree; there’s no 1-piece for sale so I had to get the 3-piece set… But it’s reasonable at only RM65 per set. 

Crabtree & Evelyn Iris Triple Miled Soap set of 3

16) Guerlain Idylle Duet EDP – Rose Patchouli

This is my special occasion fragrance. The floral scent is very classy and smells even lovelier as time wears on. When it comes to fragrance, I go for floral scents, not fruity and not the sporty scent. (Surprisingly, when it comes to skincare products, I have to avoid those with rose and other very floral scents as I tend to get some skin reaction to it.)
I love the sexy bottle, showing very feminine and glamorous curves. I prefer bottles that are transparent where you can see the contents so this makes Guerlain Idylle’s bottle even more attractive to me. Small thing but I don’t like those opaque bottles wherein I need to guess if it’s about to finish or not. And after all, one of the factors that makes a perfume attractive is the packaging. Save, of course, for Chanel No. 5 which has a simple bottle but still remains to be one of the most (if not THE most) popular fragrances in the world. 

Guerlain Idylle Duet – Rose Patchouli

17) The Body Shop – White Musk EDT & Moroccan Rose EDT

On normal days, I like to wear these Body Shop EDTs. The famous White Musk has a light, wonderful and simply soothing scent. It has combined notes of jasmine, rose, musk, lily and I guess some other more beautiful floral scents (I am no fragrance expert, haha). At a price of RM59 for 30ml, this EDT is worth to have as a daily part of my body care routine.

I also love the Body Shop’s Moroccan Rose. By now you can tell that I’m quite addicted to rose fragrance (!). This EDT has a romantic, feminine, light and fresh scent. And being named Moroccan, it adds some mystery and uniqueness to it. Very nice for daily wear and special occasions, too.

The Body Shop Moroccan Rose EDT & White Musk EDT

18) Dorothy Perkins Black Belt

For some time, I’ve been looking for a simple but nice black belt. If not expensive, designer type, I can only see very posh and accessorized belt which I don’t really go for. I needed something simple, good enough for corporate wear so it cannot be too stylized with all those shining stones all over it. One fine evening in Mid Valley, I came across this simple, nice belt from Dorothy Perkins and I loved it! If I remember it right, I got this belt for only RM39. Very reasonable price for a belt like this. 

19) Monthly Issue of Female & Women’s Weekly Magazines

Every month, I must always have a copy of these 2 magazines. I love the beauty and fashion articles, photos and updates. Presentation is very good, writing style is funky and smart. Female always contains the latest in beauty and fashion while Women’s Weekly has very interesting reads about family and life. 

20) Solvil El Titus Purple Watch

I just got this watch last February as a Valentine’s Day present from my hubby. I really love the purple color, the lovely glimmer of stones and the size against my wrist. I like that it has that chronograph style but the extra 3 sets of counters for date, seconds and 24-hour are not too big as the usual chronograph-style watches.

Solvil El Titus Purple Strap Watch

And lastly, my days will not be complete without a few minutes session with my son’s baby feet! I know I’m only left with a short time to enjoy these before they turn into non-baby feet and before he gets old enough not to allow me to play with them…

I have more blessings to be thankful for and a few more favorite things. Sometimes, people, including me, tend to focus on the bad things that happen or those things that cause disappointments. But in life, I should learn how to count my blessings instead, those small things that make me smile or make my life wonderful, even for just a few minutes or seconds in a day. Hope you find your favorite things as well, no matter how big or small they are. 

Get Baby Silky Feet in 7 Days???

Ok, this gotta be good. I stumbled upon this new beauty section at 1F in Isetan KLCC. I actually didn’t realize that they now have this part at the 1st floor. They have a few brands within this area which obviously caters to the younger shoppers. It has Shizens, TheFaceShop, Canmake, Holika Holika and Nature Republic (er, I’ve only heard of Shizens and TheFaceShop, the rest are all new to me.

Honestly, I am not young anymore to be really attracted to these brands BUT (!) I saw this very interesting product and it really captured my addiction to baby feet…a product by Holika Holika from Korea — BABY Silky FOOT One Shot Peeling, and in smaller text, it says: Seven day miracle! A simple one-step foot peeling pack for smoothening dead skin cells on coarse and chapped feet. 

The product costed me RM38.60 (well, that’s just weird pricing). It’s so darn cute and interesting, look at that cute baby feet shot. And I guess I was intrigued with the seven day miracle…

I’ve had dry and chapped feet for as long as I can remember. I have been using Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Body Lotion and it has really done wonders for my feet. But this Baby Silky Foot thing should be interesting to try.

Inside this cute box are plastic disposable socks and the peeling solution inside babyfeet-shaped pack. Again, cuteness…

Here are the step-by-step directions:

1) Wear the plastic socks on both feet (best to start after bathing or washing your feet)
2) Put each liquid of the pouch into each foot sock

Tie the plastic strings to keep the liquid and moisture inside the socks (and to prevent spills as well)

Watch some TV first, chill, relax…read a book or something…

3) Take off the socks after one and a half hours

4) Wash feet gently with water

And the wait is on for the seven-day-miracle. Right after washing my feet, it feels soft and tender. During the 1st day after this peeling solution, the skin on my feet started to peel off, especially at those areas with dry and thick skin.

I am now on my 4th day and the peeling has become more evident. Sorry, I won’t be posting photos for this as it’s quite unsightly. The great thing is my calluses are actually peeling off, too. It’s quite amazing to see (hehe, goodbye thick skin).

Overall, I see that this was worth a try. You just need to do this peeling solution once every 28 days so it’s not too much of a hassle. It’s just like going for a foot spa every now and then. I’d definitely repeat next month to fully peel off my calluses and to make my feet even more silky…of course, I would still be using my indispensable Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Body Lotion.

Baby Skincare

I used to wonder why aren’t there more brands of baby skincare products aside from the basic mass-market brands? Furthermore, why aren’t there skincare products that would provide daily skincare regimen for toddlers/kids? I honestly don’t understand why this need is not yet considered in a lot of countries long time ago. As a mother, I definitely want to take good care of my baby’s skin. And for a person who has been in branding/marketing for skincare products, all the more that I am very conscious and cautious with what I will put on my son’s precious skin. 

Anyway, the good news is that new brands with baby skincare range have arrived in Malaysia. Burt’s Bees has ranges for mothers and babies. Come on, admit it, the Baby Bee range is just so cute and adorable. Would you look at that…
I particularly loved Baby Bee Skin Creme, RM62.80. It’s meant to soothe all rough spots on the skin. I use this on my son’s arms and legs after swimming as the skin gets very dry after. Of course, I cannot forget his precious feet which need extra care so it will stay kissable. And by the way, Burt’s Bees products are natural so no need to worry about harsh chemicals, no parabens. It contains sweet almond oil, aloe vera and beeswax which make this cream very rich and soothing plus very nice to smell, too! 
Another new brand that just arrived via Isetan KLCC and 1 Utama is Neal’s Yard from London. Very interesting, packaging has the look and feel of organic products, simple yet informative. What caught my attention was this baby balm (ok, have you noticed that I’m quite addicted to baby creams or anything that would keep skin moisturized?). I haven’t bought one yet but I might be encouraged to try next time. The Baby Balm protects and calms the skin with a combination of gentle, moisturizing ingredients including olive oil, coconut oil and shea nut butter. It can be applied as required to dry or chafed areas, safe to use on face, body and bottom. The oils lubricate the skin while beeswax and shea nut butter provide a thin protective layer that keeps normal skin moisture in and nappy moisture out. Feels good and smells nice. 
Anyway, one of the products that I am actually looking for is a cream or serum that can actually minimize or brighten those dark spots from mosquito bites and wounds. The thing is my son likes to scratch the bites and I cannot blame him as those can get very itchy. So my quest goes on for new baby products. And in the next few years, I will be looking for kids’ skincare products. Is it just me…yah, maybe I’m just too obsessed with skincare. 

My Baby’s Feet

Some may find it weird, some may even find it disgusting but I am simply addicted to my baby’s feet. No day passes by without feet-biting and feet-kissing sessions with my son. Since the day he was born, I’ve fallen in love with those tiny, chubby feet. So soft, so kissable and so good to nibble.

Now, he’s already 2 1/2 years old. We still enjoy our feet-biting and feet-kissing sessions. In fact, he’s gotten so used to it that he would voluntarily stretch out his legs and tell me, “Mommy, bite my baby feet.” Priceless. 
Well, I’ve taken extra effort to take care of this treasure. His feet must always be clean, moisturized, nails always kept well-trimmed. I wish I can maintain his beautiful skin as long as possible. Surprisingly, though, there are not enough skincare products in the market that are specifically-made for baby or children’s skin. I honestly don’t want to rely on mass-market brands that have, of course, flooded the beauty shops. Hopefully, one day, there might be a brand to join me in my quest to maintain my baby’s skin…especially his beautiful feet.