Head-to-Toe Care with Lip Hop

Affordable face care, hair care, body care and sun care for everyone.


Are you a fan of colourful products? Love Korean fashion, drama and music? Do you take care of yourself with beauty products? A new, interesting series of face, hair, body and sun care has landed at our nearest pharmacy and they’ve combined the things you love. If you’ve been to Guardian pharmacy recently, you must have noticed a display of pretty, colourful facial cleansers, body gels and sun protection products —Lip Hop, exclusively at Guardian pharmacies. 

Guardian has launched additional collections to the Lip Hop items that it has introduced in late 2015. The response has been amazingly positive for a line of dermatologically-tested sun care that comes with proven benefits and fun, colourful packaging. Yes, they’ve listened to customers and brought in more products made in Korea with 3 Lip Hop range early this year: Lip Hop Sun Care, Lip Hop Happy Cleanse and Lip Hop Aqua Jelly. It’s a complete head-to-toe range at an affordable price range, making it easy for all of us to take care of our hair, body, face and even lips (will tell you more about that later). 

The facial cleansers, youthfully named k:skin HAPPY CLEANSE, effectively cleanse the face without drying the skin. There are 5 different variants, each specifically made for a skin concern: 

1. Moisturising Manuka Honey Cleansing Gel – cleansing, moisturising, brightening, anti-aging 
2. Ultra-Soothing Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel – cleansing, soothing, hydrating, calming
3. Antioxidant Green Tea Foam Cleanser – cleansing, anti-aging, soothing
4. Sebum-Control Amazon Clay Foam Cleanser – cleansing, oil-control, soothing
5. Deep-Cleansing Bamboo Charcoal Foam Cleanser – deep cleansing, oil-control, moisturising
Price: RM12.90 each, all 100ml
Made in Korea, dermatologically tested and proven


These cleansers are amazing. My favorite was the Moisturising Manuka Honey Cleansing Gel. I love honey and this cleansing gel looks exactly like honey. The color and viscosity of the gel itself looks edible, tempting to taste! The scent has a mild, sweet honey aroma and leaves a lovely sensation on the face after use. My skin feels clean, smooth yet moisturised after washing. 

If your skin is acne-prone due to excess oil, you can try the Sebum-Control Amazon Clay Foam Cleanser. If you’re like me who has big pores, you can use the Deep-Cleansing Bamboo Charcoal. I alternate this with my Manuka Honey Cleanser. 

After cleansing, it is very important that we moisturise our face and body. The Lip Hop AQUA JELLY range includes 8-in-1 multi-purpose products with 4 variants:

1. Lip Hop Aloe Moist Aqua Jelly Face & Body Gel
2. Lip Hop Bamboo Soothe  Aqua Jelly Face & Body Gel
3. Lip Hop Ice Plant Water Cool Aqua Jelly Face & Body Gel
4. Lip Hop Dragon Blood Fresh Aqua Jelly Face & Body Gel
Price: RM19.90 each, all 250ml
Made in Korea, dermatologically tested and proven

I mentioned 8-in-1, didn’t I? And I also did mention that Lip Hop also makes it easy for us to take care of our lips? Here are the great uses of Lip Hop Aqua Jelly:

1. Moisturising gel or mask pack for dry facial skin.
2. Make-up base for a luminous face. 
3. Acts as an after-shave gel for your face, legs and underarms to soothe and moisturise sensitive skin. 
4. Suitable to be used as hair treatment without any stickiness.
5. Acts as a mask pack to rehydrate skin after sun exposure.
6. Keeps your nails moisturised and nourished.  
7. All-over moisturiser that is ideal for those working in air-conditioned environment. Lip Hop Aqua Jelly even relaxes area around your eyes by applying it with a piece of cotton. 
8. Acts as a lip moisturiser to sooth and chapped lips.



I enjoyed using the Ice Plant Water Cool. It’s perfect during this hot weather. Do you sometimes feel that body lotion gives you a sticky sensation especially after bathing on a warm day? The good thing about these body gels is that they have water-based formulation instead of oils, making the texture light and cooling during hot weather. 

The gel is highly water-like, as you can see on my palm (I had a tough time shooting that moving blob of gel, haha), and also has water-like color. The scent of each gel is very mild. Because these gels are multi-purpose, they’re perfect to travel with! This head-to-toe gel can be used on the hair, the face, lips, eyes and entire body. I even use it on my son’s hair in the morning before school to control his “bedhead hair” as alternative to normal gel or hair oil. Oil can get sticky during the day. 


I’m a big fan of sun care products and I’m pleased to try Lip Hop’s SUN CARE range. The range includes 4 variants: 

1. Ultra Whitening Sun Protection Lotion SPF80 PA+++ RM34.90 / 100ml
2. Super Defence EX Sun Protection Milk SPF115 PA+++ RM36.90 / 50ml
3. Moisturising Lightweight Sun Protection Spray SPF50 PA+++ RM35.90 / 150ml
4. Kids Hypoallergenic Sun Protection Lotion SPF50 PA+++ RM34.90 / 100ml
All made in Korea except the Lightweight Sun Protection Spray, which is made in Japan



I love spray products because these save time and I’m enjoying the Sun Spray SPF50, which comes in a canister of my favorite color, purple. Just spray it lightly over my arms and legs, and I’m ready! It can also be used on the face but not directly sprayed; spray onto the palm first then apply on the face. 


And thank goodness for having a Kids’ variant, too. I’m pleased that Lip Hop recognises the need for children to be “sun-proofed” as well, not just grown-ups. My son loves playing outside and I’m very cautious about his protection against the sun (and mosquitoes, arghhh, those pesky, little things). The Lip Hop Kids Sun Protection Lotion:
– is hypoallergenic, means it’s safe to use on sensitive skin
– can be applied on the face and body
– contains natural ingredients that soothe kids’ skin after sun exposure
– is water-resistant for 40 minutes, making it great for use during prolonged water and outdoor activities
– is free from parabens, artificial colorant, alcohol and mineral oil
– can be reapplied as needed, after swimming, frequent perspiring, towelling 





My son loves to cycle and was excited to try a cycling range by Urban Playz at Ikano Power Centre, next to The Curve shopping mall. This place is outdoor and enjoyed by a lot of kids, especially during the weekends. An activity like this definitely needs sun protection and I’m not one who’d simply allow my child to be exposed to sunlight and UV rays without shield. I allowed him to cycle for 30 minutes, armed with Lip Hop Kids Sun Protection Lotion.  

Now it’s even easier and more affordable to pamper ourselves, our entire family and the kids with Lip Hop’s head-to-toe care. Lip Hop’s Happy Cleanse, Aqua Jelly and Sun Protection products are conveniently available at Guardian pharmacies, in price range of RM12.90 – RM36.90. You can even check out Lip Hop’s site at http://www.liphop.com.my/ and even purchase online via Guardian’s e-shop

My 8 Festive Gift Picks from Crabtree & Evelyn

Let’s keep the Holiday Gifts ideas rolling…here are more gift sets that I came across with! Oh, excited to go Christmas shopping!
My Pick #1:
Big Top Twelve Hand Therapy Musical Tin  
RM288 – contains Hand Therapy 25g x 12
This wonderful and entertaining gift contains twelve of much-loved and ultra-moisturising Hand Therapy creams. Rich and decoratively presented in the 2014 Seasonal Spectacular designed collectable musical tin, which features a traditional wind-up mechanism on the base and plays Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson. I think this can be a great set to buy if you want to give something to a group of friends or colleagues. Price for 12 pieces will only be around RM24 each and you get to keep the collectible musical tin!
Rosewater Hand Therapy 25g
Nantucket Briar Hand Therapy 25g
Gardeners Hand Therapy 25g
La Source Hand Therapy 25g
Summer Hill Hand Therapy 25g
Citron, Honey & Coriander Hand Therapy 25g
Lavender Hand Therapy 25g
Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed Hand Therapy 25g
Evelyn Rose Hand Therapy 25g
Lily Hand Therapy 25g
Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage Hand Therapy 25g
Verbena & Lavender de Provence Hand Threrapy 25g
Large decorative wind-up Musical Tin

My Pick #2:

Scentsational Six Hand Therapy Musical Tin

RM158 – contains Hand Therapy 25g x 6
This one is half of my first pick. Give the gift of soft, smooth and supple hands with C&E’s Hand Therapy in 6 favourite fragrances, beautifully presented in the 2014 Seasonal Spectacular designed collectable musical tin, which also features a traditional wind-up mechanism on the base and plays Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson.
Nantucket Briar Hand Therapy 25g
Rosewater Hand Therapy 25g
Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed Hand Therapy 25g
Gardeners Hand Therapy 25g
La Source Hand Therapy 25g
Lavender Hand Therapy 25g
Decorative wind-up Musical Tin
My Pick #3:
La Source Bath & Body Duo
RM140 – contains a body wash and body lotion
Perfect gift for everyone and anyone who enjoys bathing! Give the gift of silky soft and wonderfully scented skin this Christmas with a decoratively presented La Source Bath & Body Duo gift set. With a relaxing, green marine fragrance reminiscent of the sea, La Source Shower Gel gently cleanses and refreshes, while La Source Body Lotion moisturises and conditions the skin.
Relaxing Body Wash 250ml
Relaxing Body Lotion 250ml
Seasonal Spectacular design Gift Box
Fragrance: A crisp, clean scent of refreshing aquatic notes, musk, and gentle shoreline breezes.
My Pick #4:
Nantucket Briar Bath & Body Duo
RM150 – contains shower gel and scented body lotion
Give the gift of silky soft and wonderfully scented skin this Christmas with this decoratively presented Nantucket Briar Bath & Body Duo. With a soft and classic oriental fragrance, the Bath & Shower Gel gently cleanses and conditions, while Body Lotion  locks moisture into the skin.
Nantucket Briar Bath & Shower Gel 200ml
Nantucket Briar Body Lotion 200ml
Seasonal Spectacular design Gift Box
Fragrance: A blend of briar roses, bergamot, fresh greens, amber and vanilla.
My Pick #5:
Summer Hill Bath & Body Duo
RM150 – contains shower gel and body lotion
Give the gift of silky soft and wonderfully scented skin this Christmas with this Summer Hill Duo. With a warm and floral fragrance, our Summer Hill Bath & Shower Gel gently cleanses and conditions and Summer Hill Body Lotion locks moisture into the skin.
Summer Hill Shower Gel 200ml
Summer Hill Body Lotion 200ml
Seasonal Spectacular design Gift Box
Fragrance: Warm, white floral blend of summer grasses, wildflowers and orchard fruits.

My Pick #6:
Rosewater Bath & Body Duo
RM150 – contains shower gel and body lotion
Brighten this festive season by giving the gift of silky soft and wonderfully scented skin with decoratively presented Rosewater Bath & Body Duo gift set. With a captivating and elegant floral fragrance, Rosewater Bath & Shower gel gently cleanses and conditions, while Rosewater Body Lotion helps lock moisture deep into the skin.
Rosewater Bath & Shower Gel 250ml
Rosewater Body Lotion 245ml
Seasonal Spectacular design Gift Box
Fragrance:Captivating rosewater surrounded with light notes of violet, florals, and musk.

My Pick #7:
Porcelain Diffuser 180ml
Wouldn’t you want to smell the holidays in the air? Indulge in the continuous and celebratory fragrance of Noël with elegantly designed porcelain bird-shaped diffuser. A captivatingly decorative and festively scented addition to any home for the Christmas season, the porcelain bird is designed to draw in the oil and diffuse the fragrance into the room. Look at that adorable bird! Would be very nice to have that on the coffee or side table.


A great holiday season centerpiece
Porcelain bird-shaped diffuser
Exquisite fragrance without flames
Allow 24-36 hours for the fragrance to start to diffuse into the room
Fragrance:  Irresistible festive blend of fresh balsams, persimmon and citrus fused with spicy star anise, clove and nutmeg.

My Pick #8:
Large Poured Candle
Create a luxurious glow and ambiance in anybody’s home for the holiday season with this festively fragrant Hollyberry candle. Presented in a beautifully bold frosted purple jar, this Hollyberry Poured Candle will decorate the home with the festive, warm and welcoming scent of just-cut foliage, plump wild fruits and trails of inviting spices. Inspired by crimson berries and fresh, green leaves, this fruity fragrance captures the magic of winter with red currant, fig and frankincense notes. And simply because I just love the color purple, this gift immediately caught my attention.
Provides a long-lasting scent
Beautiful frosted purple glass
Presented in an elegant Crabtree & Evelyn signature festive box
Approximately 45 hours of total burn time
Fragrance: Hollyberry is a festive fruity fragrance that captures the magic of winter with red currant, fig and frankincense notes infused with crimson berries and fresh, green leaves.

And I just love this season’s gift box designs. It’s very different from the simple, floral C&E boxes.


All these gift sets are in limited availability and stocks within Malaysia. For stocks and prices, check with a Crabtree & Evelyn shop near you.
Photos and gift details captured from Crabtree & Evelyn UK site

Brighter Skin with Naturals By Watsons Blood Orange Bodycare

Formulated with Organic Blood Oranges from France and Australian Kakadu Plums for radiant glowing skin


Prolonged exposure to pollution, ultraviolet radiation and toxic chemicals can cause premature aging and other types of skin damage. In an endeavour to introduce innovative beauty essentials that will help restore beauty, Watsons Malaysia launched its latest Naturals by Watsons Blood Orange body range to help brighten dull complexion.

The Naturals by Watsons Blood Orange body range is formulated with certified organic Blood Oranges from France and Australian organic Kakadu Plums to enhance brightening by up to 50 times more than with the usual ingredients. Known for their distinctive health benefits, blood oranges contain high levels of vitamin C, about 40% more than regular sweet oranges. Also, Australian Pure Kakadu Plum is the world’s richest natural source of vitamin C, which makes it an excellent ingredient in skincare products.

The complete organic product range offers four exclusive skin solutions that include – Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hand Cream and Body Scrub. Naturals by Watsons Blood Orange body products appeal to women and men who are in their 20s and above, looking for reasonable yet natural products that are filled with anti-oxidising properties.

“Filled with antioxidants, Vitamin C is the most essential nutrient to repair tissues and protect our skin. With Naturals by Watsons Blood Orange, Watsons has combined the two most powerfully infused vitamin C ingredients– Blood Orange and Kakadu Plum to provide you with an effective shield against skin discolouration, and to improve skin elasticity and texture. I’m sure those of us who are looking for organic skincare solutions will definitely look forward to using the new Blood Orange line for smooth, supple and glowing skin,” said actress Sarah Lian at the launch event held at Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral.


Group photos of Glowing Personalities, Malaysia Top Models, Style Magazine Editorial team & Watsons Management team 

The launch was celebrated with an exclusive poolside party organised in partnership with Style: magazine, which brought various renowned Malaysian celebrities including Sazzy Falak, Vanessa Chong, Pamela Chong, Jun Yong and Atilia Haron together to share their beauty and health regimes with the audience. Actress and TV host Sazzy Falak staged a glamorous fashion show while a unique Naturals by Watsons Blood Orange therapy and workshop was arranged to pamper the invited guests.


Hand massage by Watsons Beauty Advisor using Naturals by Watsons Blood Orange body care

“To maintain flawless beauty is always a challenge when you have a jam-packed schedule. Hence, I make sure to maintain a healthy diet which always includes vitamin C for its numerous benefits and opt for natural beauty products that do not have harmful effects. I believe Naturals by Watsons Blood Orange solutions are one of a kind that has been designed with natural goodness and can certainly help maintain youthful radiant skin,” explained Vanessa Chong. 

All Naturals by Watsons Blood Orange body range solutions are free from paraben, mineral oil, silicone, sodium lauryl sulphate and colourants, substances that have harmful side effects and can cause health problems.
“This is definitely a plus point since I can get pure natural products without worrying about the chemicals that will deteriorate my skin. The Naturals by Watsons Blood Orange line is truly a blessing for those who are looking for products that work best to fit their healthy lifestyle,” added Atilia Haron.


Group photo of Watsons Management team & Malaysia Top Models holding Naturals by Watsons – Blood Orange Body Care products

Caryn Loh, Watsons Malaysia General Manager of Trading, Jessica Ng, Watsons Malaysia Marketing & Development Director, and Danny Hoh, Watsons Malaysia Marketing Controller, joined the celebrities on stage at the launch ceremony.


Full range product of Naturals by Watsons French Blood Orange Collection – Shower Gel, Body Scrub, Body Lotion & Hand Cream

The Naturals by Watsons Blood Orange range will be available at selected Watsons stores from September onwards at the following prices: 
RM19.90 for Shower Gel (490ml)
RM23.90 for Body Lotion (490ml)
RM12.90 for Hand Cream (60ml)
RM19.90 for Body Scrub (200g)

The Body Shop Honey and Beeswax Hand and Foot Butter

Lovin’ this butter on my skin;  it’s a great body moisturizer especially at night  


Here are 2 of my The Body Shop favorites at the moment: Spa Wisdom Hand & Foot butter and my Chocomania Lip Butter. But today I’m just talking about the hand and foot butter.

Nowadays, I really pay attention to moisturizing not just my face and neck but also my body. Aging takes its toll on other parts of the body, too, so I must make sure that I try to get most of it taken care of well.

I do suffer from flaky arms and legs once in a while, mostly because I’m lazy or rushing during the day to apply lotion after bathing. I only have enough time to do this at night, before going to sleep. I’ve been using body butters before going to sleep because it works well in moisturizing the skin overnight, especially since we sleep in an air-conditioned room. 

Thanks to The Butterfly Project, Tammy, Illy and the rest of the sisters, I received this Honey and Beeswax Hand & Foot Butter during one of our activities as an Instagram contest prize, together with other stuff. Yay!  

The Body Shop
SPA Wisdom Africa
Price: RM75 for 125ml
Made in Thailand
Life after opening: 12 months 


This butter comes in a transparent jar with airtight cover, making sure it is protected and will last longer. The jar reminds me of food container and I know that I can recycle the jar after I finish the product. Nice reusable packaging.

I love the butter texture that spreads easily on the skin. Since it is a body ‘butter’, it definitely leaves a film of butter moisture so I won’t recommend this if you’re going out on a sunny day, unless you have ultra dry skin. But this is perfect for night use and you’ll wake up to smoother, softer skin all over your body. 


Feels and smells great on the skin!

Give it one sniff and you’ll fall in love with the serene, sweet scent. It’s actually delicious, like something I can eat (well, I restrained myself from attempting to). I apply it at night on my arms, elbows, legs, knees, feet and on my son’s feet. It’s so easy to fall in love with this butter!  

What The Body Shop says:
Pamper your hard-working hands and feet with rich hydration from an intensive moisturizing treatment with skin softening ximenia oil from Africa that will leave skin feeling soft, supple and subtly scented with our traditional Spa Wisdom™ Africa fragrance. Particularly effective on hardworking hands and feet or any very dry areas such as elbows and knees. Best for all skin types, particularly those with very dry skin.

This rich, buttery cream is inspired by African tribal spa rituals. It cares for hardworking hands and feet, and dry elbows and knees.
  • Moisturises
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Ideal for hands, feet, elbows and knees 

The HEART Inside
Our Community Fair Trade beeswax is sourced from Guide D’Espoir in Cameroon. We work with Guide D’Espoir (meaning “Guiding Hope) because they produce some of the highest quality beeswax in Cameroon, have a strong commitment to ethical and fair trade principles and are also investing in the development of the beekeepers and their associated communities. Our trade helps provide regular employment and fair wages to approximately 1,000 beekeepers, and so benefits their household members and dependents too: about 10,000 people in total! To find out more, visit our Community Fair Trade section. We source our Community Fair Trade honey from Bezamar in Ethiopia. The honey is made in the Bale Eco-Region, where hives are handcrafted from locally grown bamboo. The raw comb is harvested and the honey is separated, filtered and tested for quality. These traditional methods promote strong, healthy bees and deter logging. To find out more, visit our Community Fair Trade section.  

Where to buy:
All The Body Shop outlets nationwide

Stay connected with The Body Shop Malaysia, visit their FB page at:
Or visit their online shopping portal for convenient and easy beauty shopping at:http://www.thebodyshop.com.my 


Egyptian Magic Cream – Why do celebrities and models love this?

There must be a good reason why this cream seems to be the rave of a lot of Hollywood celebrities and models…but I have to try it for myself

Is it really possible for 1 cream to solve concerns on the body, face, lips, eyes and hair? I’ve heard of all-purpose cream for making salads and desert, or all-purpose flour for pancakes but an all-purpose skin cream? Hmmm, this is new to me.
My first question was, why “Egyptian”? I checked the jar, it is not made in Egypt; it’s actually made in the USA. The answer lies in the rich, influential history of the Egyptians when it comes to body care and skin care. The Egyptians are probably the most abundant in ancient practices for beauty and cosmetics. As early as the time of the pyramids or even before that, the ancient Egyptians used soaps that contain olive oil for their cleansing rituals. They also used honey to moisturize their skin and protect it from the arid climate. The scorching heat of the sun and windswept sands caused a lot of skin problems and infections for them so the Egyptians put very high importance to skincare regimen. And men even rubbed oils on their hair to fight baldness and promote hair growth!


There is no doubt that the rituals of ancient Egyptians still apply as reliable science for skincare today. The use of certain oils and honey are very beneficial to the skin and even hair. Isn’t it amazing how the ancient tradition still is a relevant practice at this age and time?


6 Natural yet Powerful Ingredients inside Egyptian Magic Cream

And so I opened my Natta Cosme box containing a carefully-bubble-wrapped Egyptian Magic Cream. The box itself is filled with paper shredding to absorb impact and protect the product from shock. It also contained tip cards indicating how to use the cream and more information.


I excitedly unwrapped and unsealed my new Egyptian Magic Cream, looking forward to know what the celebrities are raving about. The cream itself reminds me of petroleum jelly, but the Magic Cream is more solid and not very sticky like the former. The color is of light yellow wax, without fragrance or scent. It just smells of clean, fresh oil.

How do you use it?
Step 1 – Scoop out the balm
Step 2 – Gently rub the balm on your palm
Step 3 – Apply on desired area
Just to show you how the product looks like (I didn’t rub on my palm), I scooped a small amount onto the back of my hand here. At first, the product itself seems very solid but once it gets in contact with the heat of your fingers, it will melt naturally. 

Upon rubbing it onto the skin, here you can see that my hand has a film of moisture. The Egyptian Magic Cream is a great solution to those with dry, chapped hands. I’m the type of person who constantly needs hand cream, especially after washing my hands or the dishes or any activity that involves getting my hands wet. My hands easily get dry but applying this magic cream on my hands at night before going to sleep does magic!
Of course I gotta try it on my legs, too! Since it claims that it can be used on the body, I have to test it. I also tend to have dry skin on my legs and it can get very itchy and uncomfortable. But applying EMC on my legs calms down the discomfort and moisturizes my skin well. If you apply it during the day in this tropical weather, it might feel a bit oily so I use it at night before I sleep. We use air conditioner in our room so I really need to apply body lotion to bed. And the Egyptian Magic Cream does a great job in keeping my legs (and arms) hydrated through the night.


I also apply it on my son’s feet before he sleeps and it makes his feet even more kissable!

You can try applying it on your face, too. The Egyptian Magic Cream provides an instant hydration and gives the skin a healthy glow. Here I applied it on my face right after washing. No toner, no serums, no moisturizer. Just the magic cream. Make sure you just apply a thin film. 


Left: Right after washing, no skincare
RIGHT: With Egyptian Magic Cream on bare face

I didn’t need much convincing to understand why celebrities and models love this product. It’s really amazing, I discovered 8 great benefits from the Egyptian Magic Cream:
  1. It’s multi-purpose! You can apply it on
  2. a.     Eye area
    b.     Lips
    c.      Neck
    d.     Arms
    e.     Legs
    f.      Hands
    g.     Feet
    h.     Hair
    i.   Face
  3. It contains all-natural healing ingredients. Olive oil + honey + royal jelly + beeswax + bee pollen + propolis in 1 balm.
  4. It’s a great moisturizer, making it a powerful anti-aging balm that works on several areas of the body and face.
  5. It can be used on children, too!
  6. It’s a travel companion. Since you can use it on almost everywhere on the body and you can use it on your kids, it’s simply convenient to bring the Egyptian Magic Cream with you.
  7. If you love to go swimming, it’s a great after-sun lotion to soothe the skin and sunburns.
  8. It simply works it magic. You’ll wake up to hydrated skin in the morning.
  9. It gives dry hair an instant shine. 
Some tips:
  • If you plan to use on different parts of the body, you might want to separate the balm into few containers, probably a small jar for eye area, a mini jar for the lips, a jar for face, a jar for hair use, and a jar for body.
  • For optimized results, dab appropriate amount on the area and follow with gentle massage to allow the balm to be absorbed faster into your skin.
So who are some of the celebrities who swear by the benefits of the Egyptian Magic Cream?



Where to get this multi-purpose magic cream?
Natta Cosme at www.nattacosme.com
Price: RM125 (around USD39) for 118ml / RM89.90 (around USD28) for 59ml

Why you should buy from Natta Cosme:
Money-back guarantee within 14 days! When you order your EMC (Egyptian Magic Cream), it will arrive with a FREE 3ml sachet for you to try first. If you’re not happy, just send back the unopened jar and Natta Cosme will refund your money (excluding postage fees).

Natta Cosme at www.nattacosme.com
Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream “The People’s Choice” is made with the following pure ingredients: olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis and Divine love. Gynecologists, plastic surgeons, homeopathic physicians, chiropractors from all over the world sell Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream “The People’s Choice.”
Surveys show that about 35% of the clients using Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream “The People’s Choice” had eczema and psoriasis. When they found that conventional skin creams could not solve their problems, these clients turned to natural health food stores and to their delight discovered Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream “The People’s Choice.”
Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream “The People’s Choice” is today’s all-purpose skin cream of choice, recommended and used because of its all-natural pure super healing ingredients and its phenomenal results. Even pharmaceutical companies secretly acknowledged that products derived from all pure natural living sources are better than those products derived from chemicals. Today, scientists in the Amazon are finding the most powerful solutions from the rain forest.


Infused with ECOCERT certified organic argan oil from Morocco, avocado oil and wheat germ oil for intense revitalisation of your skin and hair

Nowadays, there are so many hair care and body care products that promise good results. Being a beauty junkie, I’ve tried a lot of different brands; I have discovered good ones and bad ones along the way. It’s always interesting to explore new and revolutionary products, specially the ones that aim to provide healthier solutions to every woman’s beauty concerns.
I am excited to talk about the launch of a new body and hair care range that aims to restore beauty without harmful chemical ingredients. Introducing the best of Mother Nature, Watsons Malaysia launched its latest innovation Naturals by Watsons Argan oil body and hair care range, infused with Morocco’s miracle beauty elixir argan oil, avocado oil and wheat germ oil to revitalise your skin and hair.


Full range products of Naturals by Watsons – Argan Body & Hair Care

The Naturals by Watsons Argan oil body and hair product range are formulated with ECOCERT certified organic argan oil which is rich in essential fatty acids and provides necessary nutrition and protection to nourish body and hair roots to tip. It also consists of Soil Association certified organic avocado oil and wheat germ oil to help heal dry skin and strengthen hair while restoring hair’s natural shine.
The complete organic product range offers four skin and four hair solutions that include– Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hand Cream, Body Scrub, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and Hair Oil. Naturals by Watsons Argan oil body and hair products appeal to women and men who are in their 20s and above, looking for reasonable yet natural products that will enhance their beauty.


Product experience sharing session by celebritiesFrom left: Emcee Magdalene; Celebrity Host Reem Shawa & Megan Tan

Speaking at the launch event, celebrity hosts Reem Shahwa and Megan Tan shared their beauty regimen and how natural products can further boost individual’s appearance.
“Being the leader in health and beauty in Malaysia, Watsons Malaysia is always looking for proven beauty essentials that will provide long-term solution for our customers. Naturals by Watsons Argan oil body and hair care range is a true discovery since it consists of pure natural ingredients such as Argan oil, also known as ‘liquid gold’ in Morocco. Made from the nuts of the Argan tree, which grows almost exclusively in Morocco, the oil is said to have restorative and age-defying effects, high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids that can heal dry skin, damaged hair among other benefits,” said Reem Shahwa.
“As an actress, my hectic schedule takes quite a toll on my hair and skin. With Naturals by Watsons Argan oil body and hair products, I’ve found the secret to keep my skin and hair healthy and invigorated. I’ve always been inclined towards products that are natural and does not have harmful effect, Watsons Argan oil body and hair care range is absolutely fantastic as its organic properties provide nutrients your skin deserves,” explained Megan Tan. 
All Naturals by Watsons Argan oil body and hair solutions are free from paraben, mineral oil, silicone, sodium lauryl sulphate and colorant free which have harmful side effects and can cause health problems.


Hand massage by Watsons Brand Advisor 

 “The Naturals by Watsons Argan oil body and hair products are tested to meet high standards, but never tested on animals giving our consumers more reasons to purchase a truly natural product range,” added Megan Tan.


The official launch of Naturals by Watsons – Argan Oil Body and Hair Care
Group photo- From left: Morocco model; Reem Shahwa; Jessica Ng, Marketing & Development Director Watsons Malaysia; Caryn Loh, Trading General Manager Watsons Malaysia; Megan Tan; Danny Hoh, Marketing Controller Watsons Malaysia

Also at the launch were Kulvinder Birring, Watsons Malaysia Managing Director, Caryn Loh, Watsons Malaysia General Manager of Trading, Jessica Ng, Watsons Malaysia Marketing & Development Director and Danny Hoh, Watsons Malaysia Marketing Controller.
They joined Megan Tan and Reem Shahwa on stage to unveil the latest Naturals by Watsons Argan oil body and hair care range. Moroccan models took to the catwalk and presented the guests with an exquisite runway show while showcasing the entire range of the products.

Watsons Argan Oil Body Care Range:
Body Scrub, Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Hand Cream – Hope to try these!

The Naturals by Watsons Argan oil body and hair products are available at selected Watsons stores now at the following prices:

For the body
RM18.90 for Shower Gel (490ml)
RM18.90 for Body Scrub (200g)
RM22.90 for Body Lotion (490ml)
RM11.90 for Hand Cream (60ml) 

For the hair
RM22.90 for Shampoo (490ml)
RM22.90 for Conditioner (490ml)
RM24.90 for Hair Mask (200ml)
RM22.90 for Hair Oil (100ml)

These are really affordable prices for products with ECOCERT certified argan oil! 


Watsons Argan Oil Hair Care Collection:
Hair Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask – Would love to try the Shampoo and Conditioner!

For more information about Naturals by Watsons Argan Oil solutions, visit www.facebook.com/watsonsmalaysiaor Watsons official website http://www.watsons.com.my .
Watsons is Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer, currently operating over 3,600 stores and more than 900 pharmacies in 12 Asian and European markets, including China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau), Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, Turkey and Ukraine.
In Malaysia, Watsons currently operates over 300 Watsons stores in the country serving more than 2.5 million customers per month.
Watsons continually sets the standards in the health, wellness and beauty market, providing personalised advice and counseling in health, beauty and personal care on top of its market-leading product range, making customers LOOK GOOD, FEEL GREAT every day.  Since 2009, Watsons has been the No. 1 pharmacy/drugstore brand in Asia*.  In Europe, Watsons is also the leading health and beauty retailer in the Ukraine.
Watsons is the flagship health and beauty brand of A.S. Watson Group.
Please visit www.aswatson.com for more in-depth information about A.S. Watson Group and its brands.
*Campaign Asia-Pacific’s “Asia’s Top 1,000 Brands” Survey 2012 of over 5,000 Asian respondents

Valentina by Valentino Perfume and Lotion Gift Set

Valentina Fragrance and Lotion Gift Set

Last Christmas, my husband gave me a beautiful perfume set for the first time. He never bought fragrance for me before so I was delighted to receive one from him, and it’s not just any perfume…it’s Valentina by Valentino.
When I first saw this bottle while still working at a previous company, I was captivated. The floral motif in matte finish is just so feminine and iconic. One look and you can tell that this is a designer’s masterpiece.

Valentina Eau de Parfum 80ml Bottle
The clear glass bottle comes in round shape front but has a flat bottom to make it stand nicely. The designer name ‘Valentino’ is neatly engraved on the gold cap that sits on top of the smallest flower motif. It features an unconventional spray shape, a black round spritzer with a flat top piece that also comes in gold.
Examining the bottle while inhaling the enchanting scent, I was asking myself how to keep the spray from accidentally being pressed if I bring this to travel. At first, I thought it looks very nice but there’s no protection for the spray. Oh well, never mind. So I lifted the lotion bottle to give it a try and to my surprise, under the lotion was an instruction card!

Valentina Perfume set instruction card
The card gave instruction on how to use the spray by pressing the top of the fragrance bottle. And to answer my question, the card also revealed a secret; I have to lift the tray to discover the safety cap for the bottle! Obediently, I followed the card and there was the cap, carefully mounted behind the tray. Clever design trick, I must say, because if they put it together in front, the presentation of the bottle and gift set may not be as impactful. The safety cap is just meant for carrying/ traveling purposes anyway.
Valentina perfume safety cap
Top notes:
The exuberant freshness of Calabrian bergamot is enhanced with the unexpected twist of white Alba truffle.
Middle notes: The iconic beauty of a white floral bouquet (Amalfi orange blossom, tuberose, jasmine) is subtly kissed by wild strawberry.
Base notes: The captivating sensuality of amber is enriched by the noble signature of cedar.

Valentina fragrance satin body lotion

The gift set included this lovely lotion in a good size of 200ml. The plastic bottle replicated the flower motif embossed on the plastic itself. The cap is also a resemblance of the gold signature on the fragrance glass bottle. The scent is, oh, so beautiful. It’s the perfect fragrance lotion after bathing at night to engulf and relax your senses in floral aromas. It gives the skin a smooth, satin finish. Best to apply all over your arms and legs after shower.

Valentina evening bag
And because my husband bought this during Christmas season, it came with a nice GWP (gift-with-purchase) item…a Valentino evening bag! It’s in light rose pink color with 3 zipped compartments that are convenient for bringing basic necessities during an evening celebration. I haven’t used this yet but it’s really a charming addition to any lady’s bag collection.
Oh, yes, I love this gift set. The perfume is captivating with dominant floral scents, which I love when it comes to fragrance. The lotion is just divine and leaves the skin deliciously enticing. I’m not sure if it’s still available in stores, but if it is and if you (or your special someone) love floral scents, better include Valentina in your fragrance collection and daily body care routine!

Valentina by Valentino Perfume and Lotion gift set
GIFT SET includes:
Valentina by Valentino Eau de Parfum (EDP) 80ml
Valentina Satin Body Lotion 200ml
Made in Spain
Comes in elegant and textured hard board box with satin label and floral motif made of chiffon cloth; Free bag also comes in a hard board box
Available at selected department stores in Malaysia
(Mine was purchased at Metrojaya The Curve)
More about the Fragrance
From this sensual, insolent beauty, this blatant femininity that eludes conventions, two master perfumers, Olivier Cresp and Alberto Morillas, created a fragrance as a tribute to today’s Valentino woman. With attitude, sophistication and unexpected characteristics, the bouquet of Valentina blends an irreverent Italian floral oriental in which each facet reveals a paradox. Calabrian bergamot is a hymn to exuberance and freshness, shaken up by the insolence of white Alba truffles. In their trail, jasmine, Amalfi orange blossom and tuberose celebrate radiant beauty, while being offset by the rebellious delight of wild strawberries. Finally, the nobility of cedar is seduced by the captivating sensuality of amber… Valentina marks out a solar, unexpected trail, classic yet modern. (by www.parfums.valentino.com)
The Inspiration behind Valentina
Synthesized in a refined bouquet of fragrances, the ingredients that define the femininity and uniqueness of the Valentino woman have inspired a new perfume called Valentina that was conceived as couture style and a signature element of distinction that expresses a feminine ideal. Valentina is beautiful, radiant with charms belonging to a modern heiress. She is seductive, sophisticated, unconventional, charismatic. She creates her own style. She sets home in a classical Roman Palazzo but there is nothing she likes more than feeling the heartbeat of the vivid city of Rome. She is the only protagonist of a hypnotic, bewitching story full of references and allusions to legendary figures of Italian fashion and cinema. Valentina comes to life in the advertising campaign for the perfume shot by David Sims and the TV film directed by Johan Renck along the dark and secret streets of a sumptuously deserted, nocturnal Rome. (by www.parfums.valentino.com)
Stay connected to Valentino via


Soap & Glory Soaper Heroes Set – Body Care Must-Have!

Soap and Glory body and bath care set

Who doesn’t love to smell delicious after bathing and throughout the day? If you haven’t explored the scent of any Soap and Glory product, I really suggest that you check any one of their items at Sephora during one of your shopping travels. It’s definitely a must!
The first product that I fell in love with from this brand was the Righteous Butter Body Lotion (check out my product review about it – click HERE). I had it in 2012 and I found it an amazing item. The moisturizing effect lasts long and the scent is just ohhh so delicious. I guess the significant description of Soap and Glory products is its ability to make you (or your body) smell beautiful to the point of literally wanting to eat your own skin!
To my surprise and delight, I received a lovely Soaper Heroes gift set from my sister-in-law last Christmas! This set is to die for! It contains 5 of the famous items from Soap and Glory:
Clean On Me Shower Gel 75ml
Flake Away Body Polish 50ml
The Righteous Butter 50ml
Hand Food Hand Cream 50ml
Girligo Spray-On Body Moisturizing Mist 100ml
Soap and Glory Soaper Heroes set

The set comes in a pink, eye-catching box with a big letter ‘S’ adorning the front. Of course, it’s easy to spot the genius set name ‘Soaper Heroes’ and the floral motif surrounding the box. It’s stylishly feminine and youthful. On top, you’ll read this caption: “They’ll scrub, soften and scent your skin in a single swipe! They’re not just run of the mill moisturizers, they’re SOAPER HEROES!”
Soap and Glory Soaper Heroes items in travel-friendly sizes
The contents are all in travel-friendly size so even if you bring these items or if you buy it overseas or at some duty-free shop at the airport, you don’t need to worry about ‘confiscation’ from the airport officers. That’s clever and very considerate. Don’t you just hate it when your beloved beauty stuff is painfully taken away from you while travelling?

Soap and Glory Clean On Me
Soap and Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel will turn you into a shower addict at first bath. The scent is just addictive and will make you want to bathe forever and ever. Serious! It contains natural mandarin peel extract and a bonus built-in body lotion, and will make you feel really sexy after shower. Wait ‘til you get to the next products.

Soap and Glory Flake Away
Soap and Glory Flake Away is a skin-smoothing body polish with shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. Apparently, it transforms your scaly legs from reptilian to radiant! I haven’t tried this one yet but I’m excited to spread it all over my body and scrub my dry flakes away. Let’s see if it does transform my reptilian skin, haha! But no matter what, the scent alone is enough to say that this is also a must-try.

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter contains softening shea butter and aloe vera. It has that velvet-feel upon applying onto your skin and contains the signature scent of Soap and Glory. I swear you must have this butter on your vanity table! Just control yourself from licking your arms and legs!

Soap and Glory Hand Food
Soap and Glory Hand Food is a non-greasy hand cream that contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. It’s great for dry, chapped hands. It’s also scented with S&G Original Pink fragrance. They say it’s the most astonishing hand cream ever? You decide! I’ve already decided! Just watch out for the effects on those around you when you apply it while at work. Your colleagues will be asking for delicious food!
Happy Hand Food month from Soap and Glory!

Soap and Glory Girligo
Soap and Glory Girligo is a spray-on moisturizing mist scented with a tempting blend of bergamot, peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin and musk. Just spritz on all-over your body after shower for temptingly fragrant, softer, smoother, more supple skin.

This is a great body care collection, wonderful to give as a gift and wonderful to receive as a gift! The scent engulfs your senses while your skin reaps the benefits of the good moisturizing ingredients. Simply delicious and good for the skin! Trust me, your husband or partner will enjoy the results, too.

Price: RM76
Where to buy: Sephora outlets
About Soaper Heroes Set
This gorgeous little gift box includes travel sizes of our bestselling products, including Girligo™ scented moisturising body mist, The Righteous Butter™ body butter, Flake Away™ body scrub, Clean On Me Skin™ softening shower gel, and Hand Food™ hand cream.
About Soap and Glory
A fun, fresh, fearless, fantastic British beauty brand created by suds-loving entrepreneur and celebrity facialist Marcia Kilgore. We’re known for wonderfully effective bath, body and skincare products including the super-plumping lip gloss Sexy Mother Pucker™ and award winning The Righteous Butter™ body butter. Soap & Glory recommends applying products with happiness and abandon, because while beauty absolutely matters, it doesn’t matter absolutely.
Get connected to Soap and Glory via Facebook:
Or check out their website at:

Have a Merrier Christmas with www.hermo.com.my


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… And what better way to celebrate the season than loads and loads of gifts! It’s the season of giving and it can sometimes be challenging when we run out of gift ideas.
Well, I’m here to give you more ideas as I have started last month. Now that we’re officially in the month of December, Christmas shopping is already in a rush. We’re just left with 23 days! Don’t panic; I have great news!

At www.hermo.com.my you can enjoy easy Christmas shopping and you can spin & win for some awesome prizes! There are amazing deals and a lot of products to choose from: beauty, skincare, bath and body, make-up, masks and gift sets. What’s even better? They deliver straight to your doorstep! So you can actually escape the mad rush, long queue and traffic jams this time around!
When I was still in Philippines, our Christmas shopping starts as early as October, yes, October! Malls will be dressed up in holiday theme, playing Christmas songs and everyone is just in the holiday season mood. So, naturally, everybody is also shopping for gifts! But going through traffic jams and long queues can sometimes dampen good spirits.
Why not try an easier and rewarding way? Hermo Beauty Collection at www.hermo.com.my has launched Christmas Specials for beauty addicts like me. Are you ready for Christmas with Hermo?
Check out these Hermo Christmas promotions:

If you are not sure what to give your loved one or, better yet, if you think your loved ones will be happier choosing their own gifts, send them a Christmas e-Gift Card! You can choose from denominations of RM50, RM100 or RM200. Find out more by clicking here.

Find really irresistible gift sets for your loved ones or for yourself! Great savings and great combinations, too! They have skincare sets, makeup sets, fragrance sets and more. Check out and grab the limited gift sets by clicking here.

Here you’ll find value buys with up to 70% discount. Stocks are limited so better grab the things you want soon. Click here to see more. 

Now, this is very interesting. Take note carefully, you can win prizes EVERYDAY. Simply login or sign up and visit www.hermo.com.myor click here for your daily spin. There are several prizes such as RM50, 500 credits and cash voucher. Come, let’s all drop by the website for a free spin!


Do you have very close friends, boyfriends, sisters or loved ones whom you think love you enough to pay for what you want to receive this Christmas? At Hermo, you can easily choose the things you like and ask for your friend/s to pay for you! Isn’t that cool? This saves your loved ones the trouble of figuring out what you’d want and it makes your Christmas even wonderful. Wouldn’t it be a merrier Christmas if all of us receive what we want or pick for ourselves? Check out how it works by clicking here.


Here you get a chance to win an exclusive Christmas Gift Set from Bloop! You just need to share your Christmas greetings using Hermo greeting cards on Facebook, tag your friends in your greeting and that’s it! Just wait for Hermo to announce winners on 26th December 2013. Start your way to the prizes by clicking here.
Christmas won’t be complete without a wish list. I still remember the days when I really list down all the names of my godchildren (in Philippines, we don’t just have 1 but probably 10 children to prepare gifts for), my close friends and, of course, my family then plan for the gifts to buy for them. Aside from that, I definitely have a wish list for myself. You know what, at Hermo, you can easily create your wish list!


There are so many lovely products to choose from. I had a tough time just choosing at a total cost of RM80. Let’s see some of the ‘runner-ups’ for my choice:



But then again, I think I really need a new moisturizer as I’m about to finish my current one. So the winner of my wish list is…

Centella 70 Cream 50ml
The functional cream that contains 70% Centella Asiatica extracts–the mystical plant regenerating damaged and tired skin. 
RM 159.00
RM 79.50  
Dear Hermo, I’ve been a good girl this year and please, please grant my wish. My skin is aging fast and I really need a good anti-aging cream. Thank you. Love, Celeste
So go and visit www.hermo.com.my now for great Christmas treats!

FREE items to redeem with your copy of Malaysian Women’s Weekly this month!


It’s the 1st day of December, everyone! The countdown to Christmas officially kicks in. And what better way to celebrate than start grabbing gifts and freebies!
In this month’s issue of Malaysian Women’s Weekly, you’ll find a lot of timely ideas and suggestions for the holiday season. It comes with booklets of wonderful information, a free body butter and more. With the season of gift-giving just 3 weeks away, the Malaysian Women’s Weekly also bring you irresistible deals from Crabtree & Evelyn!
A booklet aptly titled ‘Experience the Magic of Christmas’ is bundled together with this month’s magazine. First up, and better pay attention, ladies, is (drum roll) FREE Gifts for the first 500 readers of the Malaysian Women’s Weekly! What will you get? Read on!

Crabtree & Evelyn has several home gift ideas. In the section ‘Come Home to Chritsmas’, you’ll find the Noël Porcelain Diffuser 180ml at RM175, Noël Fragranced Botanical at RM155, Noël Home Fragrance Spray 100ml at RM60, Noël Home Fragrance Oil 10ml at RM40 and Noël Small Fragranced Candle at RM60.

‘A Little Something for Everyone’ has great ideas for our loved ones. For colleagues, there’s Deluxe Hand Therapy Sampler that contains 12 variants of hand creams, at RM178. This is a good idea for those hand cream addicts. For our sisters, there’s Rosewater Great Escape at RM88, which contains a Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Hand Therapy. For mothers, there’s Lily Ultimate Luxury at RM308, which contains a Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hand Therapy and an EDT fragrance packed together in a golden vanity case. That’s something I would want for myself; hey, I’m a mummy! For your best friend, there’s Somerset Meadow Vanity Case at RM298, which contains a Bath & Shower Gel, Scented Body Lotion, Hand Therapy and and EDT fragrance packed in a oval golden vanity case.
And for you, there’s Tarocco Orange Perfect Pair at RM130, which contains a Bath & Shower Gel and a Body Lotion with Tarocco orange, eucalyptus and sage.

‘Eat and Be Merry’ features tempting delights for those with “sweet teeth”. There’s Festive Bauble at RM65 that contains 150g of creamy, indulgent fudge-flavoured chocolates. There’s Musical Tin with Jelly Babies at RM80 that contains 300g of naturally-coloured and –flavoured jelly candies. For biscuit lovers, there’s Assorted Biscuits at RM45 that come in three flavours: Spiced Ginger (165g), Triple Chocolate Chunk (190g) and Christmas Pudding (195g). And who can resist ginger bread? There’s the Gingerbread Men Tin at RM65 that contains 60g of lovely ginger bread in adorable shapes. For the sweet stuff addict, there’s the Collectable Design Tin at RM155 that contains Wild Blueberry Preserve, Lemon Preserve, White Chocolate Biscuits, Raspberry Biscuits, White Chocolate and English Breakfast Tea. That’s simply perfect for a beautiful and delicious breakfast for the holiday!
And the moment you’ve been waiting for, here are some exclusive deals for the Malaysian Women’s Weekly readers until 31st December 2013!

BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE when you purchase any Assorted Biscuits at RM45 (coupon from the booklet required to present upon purchase)
BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE when you purchase any Great Escape Travel Pack at RM88 (coupon from the booklet required to present upon purchase)
FREE GIFT: a limited edition Hand Therapy 25g worth RM30 for the first 500 readers to flash this coupon at any Crabtree & Evelyn retail store!
Terms and conditions to take note:
  • Original coupon is required to enjoy the freebies
  • Coupons are valid for one-time redemption only
  • Coupons cannot be combined with any other promotion

So grab your copy of the Malaysian Women’s Weekly now and enjoy these exclusive offers!
For more information about Crabtree & Evelyn, visit www.crabtree-evelyn.com.my or be a fan of their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CrabtreeEvelyn.my