10 Great Movies to Watch on Netflix

Love Netflix, too? Here are some of movies that I loved so much that I’ve watched them over and over again. I’m not really a couch potato, neither do I have plenty of time to watch. But watching, nowadays, has become a way for me to wind down and reset my mind. Netflix has tons of choices, and sometimes you can get lost in deciding what to finally watch. But these movies are my top picks (for now) and I hope it can help you discover hidden gems. Don’t worry; no spoilers here, I was very careful of that.

The Old Guard

Probably my favourite Charlize Theron movie to-date, this is action-packed and I really love the mix of ancient legend with superhero concept with modern day society. The action scenes are great, but be warned, as this is not for the faint-hearted who don’t like seeing violence and blood. There are a few gory scenes, which are essential to the story. I enjoyed the plot, the twists, and the mysterious ending. If you like movies based on books or comics, and if you like superhero action, this is definitely something worth your 2 hours.

I wish this gets enough rating and interest to convince Netflix to create a sequel…and it seems there is! I’m not sure how reliable the news is, but according to this site


If it’s true…kudos to Netflix! Can’t wait to watch The Old Guard 2!


How often do you watch supermodel-turned-assasin storyline? I haven’t watched enough to know if there are a lot, but this movie got me interested with its short description. No regret on watching it; I loved the plot, the mix of fashion, violence, and drama. Not a typical assassin movie, this one could keep you on the edge of your seat, suspiciously waiting for what will happen next. Helen Mirren, as usual, is such an amazing actress.

This movie is great for action lovers who enjoy or don’t mind violence and blood. Damn, really awesome fight scenes.

Red (Retired, Extremely Dangerous)

How often would you have Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, and Helen Mirren in 1 movie? I adore these actors and this movie is just a witty combination of action and comedy. I’ve probably watched this at least 5 times. I particularly love John Malkovich’s character here; he’s so adorable with his excessive paranoia, which is funny and intelligent at the same time.

I find Bruce Willis so hot in this movie, he ages really well. His action scenes are still so cool and engaging, and I liked the romanticism of his character. Helen Mirren is just kick ass. And Morgan Freeman always has this warm character that you’ll love.

There was a sequel to this, Red 2, but it seems it’s not on Netflix anymore.

John Wick 1, 2, and 3

I was very late to watching and appreciating John Wick as I don’t really have much time or I am not interested to spend hours to watch movies years back. But, man, when I watched one, I got hooked! This is probably the best Keanu Reeves movie series so far, different level than The Matrix. I love the violence and the heartless execution of the kills, true no-nonsense, no doubt, no wishful thinking. I was never a fan of one-man army, fighting against so many at the same time, but John Wick convinced me.

The Italian Job

Who doesn’t love fast cars? Combine that with a heist, gold bars, and Charlize Theron and Mark Wahlberg, I’m all in! I even bought the original DVD of this years back (that was before Netflix, okay). I needed to have a way to watch it again when I wanted to. I’ve watched this probably more than 10 times now. I love the heist planning and set-up scenes, the witty lines, the funny lines, and, of course, the driving scenes.


This is my second Will Smith movie (next to Enemy of the State). With Will Smith as a drunk superhero whom the country hates, Hancock is such an entertaining film. I can still remember getting extremely shocked by Charlize Theron’s single move that revealed her true character. Gotta watch out for that one if you haven’t seen this yet.

This is a great superhero action film, but don’t be deceived, this was a tearjerker for me as well. I didn’t expect to shed a tear or two when I first watched this, but it did.


This one’s a classic story! I love mythology and the Trojan war is a big part of the stories that I’ve read about since I was a teen. Troy brings me back to my younger days, back when physical books are one of our best companions and when I still need to go to the library to borrow books, stamp details on the library card, then rush back to read them and return them before the due date.

If you’ve read the story of the Trojan war, you know that this will not end happily. Well, wars don’t end with a laugh. This film didn’t show the intervention of the gods and goddesses; it was focused on the human side of the story, Hector’s undying love to defend his brother and family’s honour, Achilles’s love for his cousin, and his love for Briseis. I’m amazed by how their characters were dramatised in the film. I’ve never imagined Achilles’s character as such, because he’s always been depicted as a ruthless warrior in books.

This is a great movie for those who love classic wars, mythology, and Brad Pitt. I’m not a big fan of the guy but I adored him here.

Coach Carter

I occasionally enjoy inspiring movies and this one is on top of my list. I love basketball (although I don’t play) and I’m always moved by the realisation that many kids around the world have no good shot at education. I love Samuel L. Jackson’s character here as a dedicated coach, who is strict, disciplined, and committed to his players not just on court, but off court as well.

This was based on the true story of Coach Ken Carter, who coached Richmond High School in California, United States. If you love any sport because you understand the amount of hard work to excel in it, you will like this film.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can convert the capability of your genius brain into cash on the casino table? This one takes Math geniuses into money-making card players by using their superb counting skills to play blackjack in Las Vegas. I enjoyed the storyline and the cool spin on turning Math geeks into this bunch of confident, cool casino winners.

It’s a sort of heist but without any violence in plan, no getaway cars, and no smart gadgets to break through locks. This is pure brain power used against card play. The film is based on a true story, by the way, which makes it even more amazing. It’s been criticised for casting mostly white Americans instead of Asian Americans as told in the true story. But right or wrong cast, this film is recommended for anyone who enjoys kick ass brains and heists!


This is an oldie but goodie! Robin Williams had so many great movies (Mrs. Doubtfire, unfortunately, is not on Netflix) and this depiction of the classic Peter Pan story into the part of growing up and having a family was one of his memorable ones. I never get tired of the fantasy, of flying, and of never growing up. It’s a great film for the entire family. It’s entertaining, it’s fun, and it is heartwarming.

Happy watching!